Dallas Innovates 2020 Thought Leaders: 900lbs

Q+A | Musings on innovation from the region's paradigm-shifting companies and organizations.

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Steve Deitz: CEO/Founder
Mitchell Massey: Sr. Interactive Producer/Creative Strategist

Innovation comes in many forms—from finished products and processes, to implementation and idea generation. How would you define your company’s innovations?

“Ideas are cheap, execution is everything,” says Chris Sacca (rockstar investor, entrepreneur, and lawyer). At 900lbs, we define innovation as the art of the possible and bringing complex, scalable ideas to life faster than the typical agency process. We complement our clients’ innovation teams and trailblazers with a future-focused understanding of emerging technologies and visual tools. While we are proactive with collaborative ideas and R&D, execution is where we shine the most. From feasibility and scalability, the challenge of “how can we pull this off” can be very real when the pressure to deliver ROI is top of mind. Quality design and dependable development is the soul of 900lbs.

[Image: Courtesy 900lbs]

What is the biggest challenge in your industry at the moment?

Our industry can sometimes be overwhelmed by the number of Key Performance Indicators and Success Metrics that are required to perform in different environments of an experience. In order for us to serve a wide variety of industries, use cases, and platforms, we look to add layers like performance tracking and data maintenance to long term programs and offerings. It all stems from how our clients’ businesses face immense pressure to bet on the right innovative solution. Using funds to build unique interfaces and compelling user journeys are an investment to help their businesses keep up with ever-increasing customer expectations. It is easy to get caught in artistic, futuristic, and “sexy” aspects of a new project, but usually what matters most is demonstrating success with numbers. Back-end telemetry/analytics, cameras/video capture and connected sensors/tags can provide us new mediums with which we attract, engage and retain customers through more measurable data—to make sure a design is working well. Sometimes we do not need a super-connected science lab to know that an experience is creating a wow moment that can push a brand forward. More often, capturing interactions, user behaviors, new use cases and brand impressions become a primary requirement. Ultimately, we collaborate with our client to decide what will work best.

What is one piece of practical advice you would give to someone starting out?

Adaptability is key in a world of constant change. As Bruce Lee said, “Be like water.” Define what success means to you and find your true “North Star.” Seek out areas of focus where you enjoy the process. If you love the process, results will follow.

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