Brookings Report: Dallas is a ‘Knowledge Capital’

Brookings said the city scored highly in the economic indicators, but lower in the categories related to innovation.

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Data from the “Redefining Global Cities” report had some good news for the Dallas innovation community, but it also showed some areas where the region needs to improve.

According to a report in D Magazine, Dallas was ranked as one of the “most productive innovation centers” in the U.S. and in Europe. It earned the label “Knowledge Capital,” along with 19 other cities, D Magazine said.

The city scored highly in the economic activity indicators, but consistently ranked among the bottom five of the 19 cities in the pure innovation categories, D said.

The report was published by the Brookings Institute, and it analyzed 123 of the largest metro economies in the world. Indicators were broken down across categories that Brookings defends as “tradable clusters,” talent, innovation, and infrastructure connectivity in determining typology, D said.

Dallas scored highly for its airline-traffic numbers and its GDP per capita, but ranked further down in innovation, talent, and infrastructure connectivity.

You can read more about the report here.

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