Big Design: 12 Tips for Using SEO to Your Advantage

Advice Interactive's John Nosal laid out his "dirty dozen" top tips for SEO use at the Big Design event.


SEO is a new-age buzzword. Short for Search Engine Optimization, SEO helps businesses navigate the world of internet advertising and get their websites to be “top hits” on search engines.

John Nosal, director of web development with Advice Interactive, presented a list of the “dirty dozen SEO tips every designer should know,” at the Big Design event last week in Dallas. 

“It really boils down to the simple fact that SEO is showing up in Google results so we can get traffic to our websites.”
John Nosal

“The biggest challenge is that so many people are just really confused by SEO: What is it? What do I need to be doing? Everybody’s got all these different things they’re saying I need to do.” Nosal said. “It really boils down to the simple fact that SEO is showing up in Google results so we can get traffic to our websites.” 

His presentation was full of helpful tips, web-design jargon, and puppy photo intermissions with the ultimate theme of building your website to be a trusted source of information. 

“It’s not about being the only. It’s about being trusted,” Nosal said. 

Here are his top 12 tips.

1. HTTPS is a Google win 

Secure websites have a better chance of popping up higher in searches. 

2. Use Schema to identify relevant content 

Schema, the organization or structure of a database, will identify important information about your web page — such as address or phone numbers — to help search engines provide the most useful and relevant information to users. 

3, JSon Markup  

JSon Markup serves the same function as Schema and is readily available to WordPress users. JSon, JavaScript Object Notation, provides a compact format for transporting XML-based markup. 

4. Have an accurate name, address, and phone number on your website. 

5. If content is popular keep promoting it. 

6. Content/Google EAT 

Website content should be expert, authoritative, and trustworthy.  “Google is really looking at the good content that is showing off that you’re an expert in your industry,” Nosal said. “Make sure that you’re fueling Google’s needs.” 

7. Become known for content relevance. 

8. Gain knowledge boxes by answering “how do I?” questions on your website. 

9. Utilize Google suggest to identify hot topics. 

10. Get AMPed, or Accelerated Mobile webPages. 

11. Limit mobile pop ups. 

12. Fix 404 errors 

The best method to become a top SEO business is consistency in the methods that are working for a  business. 

“I really love the shampoo analogy. If it’s working, rinse, lather, repeat, rinse, lather, repeat,” Nosal said. 

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