Activate Games Is Bringing Its Live-Action Indoor Experience to Plano This Fall

Activate Games says it offers "the next level in entertainment, fitness, and gaming." Its six locations in Canada and the U.S. have up to 11 rooms with laser mazes, touch-activated climbing walls, arcade-style target walls, light-flashing basketball hoops, and more—with your score tracked by an RFID bracelet.

You can "put your brain and body to the test" when the new Plano location opens by as soon as the end of this year.

North Texas is known far and wide as a ‘high-tech entertainment’ paradise. Now something new is coming to kick that up a notch:  Activate Games is launching its fourth U.S. location in Plano by year end with what it calls “the next level in entertainment, fitness, and gaming.”

The company says it “takes entertainment into the future by fusing technology and physical activity together to create live-action gaming experiences.” 

Each Activate Games location offers up to 11 unique rooms filled with laser mazes, glowing floors, touch-activated climbing walls, arcade-style target walls, light-flashing basketball hoops, and more.

‘Putting your brain and body to the test’

[Video still: Activate Games]

“Activate allows guests to have fun with their closest friends and family while working as a team,” owner Bryce Anderson said in a statement, promising to put your brain and body to the test with “a unique experience that can’t be found anywhere else.”

There are currently six Activate Games locations, including three in Canada—where the company was founded in 2019—two in Kentucky, and one in Tennessee. The new one coming to Plano will be located at 5013 W. Plano Parkway.

‘Jumping, climbing, and dodging’ in interactive rooms

[Video still: Activate Games]

Each room in the new Plano location will have its own game that lets you work together or go head to head. Dozens of games will be offered, enabling guests to focus on agility in one game and problem solving in the next. 

Get ready to pump your pulse, though—fitness is part of the experience. 

RFID bracelet tracks your progress—and your points

[Video still: Activate Games]

Each player will get an RFID bracelet to track their scores and movements as they jump, climb, and dodge lasers through the interactive rooms. Each game offers up to 10 levels of difficulty—from “easy” to “extreme.” 

The faster you beat a game, the more points you’ll earn for yourself or your team. The RFID tracking can reflect your points and wins on a leaderboard—not just at the Plano facility, but against all the other players at every other Activate Games location.

You’re free to move between the various rooms as you wish, playing games multiple times or skipping ones along the way.  

You can see a video that shows how Activate Games works here.

More looks at what’s coming later this year to Activate Games Plano:

[Video still: Activate Games]

[Video still: Activate Games]

The Plano location will have up to 11 different game rooms. [Video still: Activate Games]

[Video still: Activate Games]

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