The Keller-Based Startup That Wants to ‘Revolutionize Charter Travel’ Goes Live

Charter and Go, which says it offers the "world’s first real-time price quoting engine," is planning to disrupt the aircraft charter industry by ensuring operators are both competitive and profitable.

Last October, Charter and Go entered the startup scene with the mission to make its aircraft charter industry customers as successful as possible.

The Keller-based firm—which includes computer scientists, operations researchers, and machine learning experts—developed two platforms with a unique value proposition for the charter industry, each intended to meet what they predict is a skyrocketing future demand for private air charters.

The first is designed to assist charter operators with operational and revenue management tools for each aircraft in their fleet. The second, a fully automated online travel distribution tool, aims to help operators compete for corporate and leisure business.

The company has announced that its system is officially live, with several charter airline industry partners already onboard.

An industry first

Charter and Go touts it as the “world’s first real-time price quoting engine” designed to streamline the industry’s work processes and improve its bottom line.

Overall, the firm aims to provide two-fold benefits for companies and their customers: An air charter can present its brand, manage its customer base, and optimize pricing, while travelers can seamlessly charter a plane that fits their personal requirements.

The newly released end-to-end charter management and pricing solution is an inaugural class of technology, according to the team, and was developed to ensure charter operators are both competitive and profitable. The hope is that Charter and Go’s cutting-edge tools and services will allow them to grow their customer base and cultivate an “environment for operational excellence.”

The technology includes several aviation firsts, Charter and Go told Dallas Innovates.

What Charter and Go refers to as a new generation order management capability offers a single view of a consumer’s reservation across bookings, payment status, ancillaries, crew, maintenance, hotel, and car.

With Charter and Go, charter flight operations are based on consumer preferences and market dynamics with the technology’s total cost transparency and dynamic pricing tools. A price quote will be generated automatically for a charter flight according to market conditions, promoting top line growth.

Charter and Go’s booking fee model hinges on the value of the actual charter booking. This limits the exposure of charter companies, the firm says, that typically pay a certain amount of money each month for each aircraft.

The cost of a flight is calculated in real-time according to the anticipated annual aircraft utilization—guaranteeing that every booking is profitable, Charter and Go says.

The tech’s personalized shopping feature allows for the automatic selection of aircraft and routing, which is based on the trip’s objective and a customer’s individual preferences. An added discount based on actual revenue spend to actively promote the retention of the most profitable customers is also available.

Charter and Go also offers performance reporting so operators can proactively manage their business. Key operational metrics are provided in real-time, promoting “operational efficiency and company profitability.”

To generate incremental revenues, Charter and Go will provide advanced aircraft repositioning and empty leg management based on the origin and destination mileage of a customer’s request.

How it works

Charter and Go’s solution uses artificial intelligence, sophisticated algorithms, cloud computing, and automation to match the right aircraft, with the right end user, for the right price.

The team dubs it “frictionless travel” for all involved—the current charter operator solutions don’t have tech that can imitate what an expert charter sales representative manually does. That’s why they believe their solution is going to make major waves in a $30 billion industry that involves some 250,000 flights a month.

“You will find that most charter operators require a way to contact you after you submitted a request so they can build a price quote and send it to you,” CIO and Co-Founder Peter Moore previously told Dallas Innovates. “That’s because their system can’t support an accurate real time quote. Others use an estimate, but can’t guarantee the quote until they have evaluated the request by a knowledgeable sales person.”

Moore likens Charter and Go to Uber, which disrupted the taxi and rental car space back in 2009 with a navigable platform that directly connects customer with supplier (or in Uber’s case, riders and drivers). The company wants to make booking charter flights just as common as booking a rideshare is.

Charter and Go’s model is designed to support charter operators of all sizes, while increasing awareness on the value proposition of chartering aircraft rather than flying commercial. The team plans to accomplish that by partnering with charter companies to assist in growing their businesses and improving Charter and Go’s capabilities.

Several new customers are in the pipeline for Charter and Go and will be onboarded in the months ahead, the company told us.

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