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DexFreight Enters the Blockchain Logistics Space with First Shipment

by | Nov 20, 2018
DexFreight founder Rajat Rajbhandari, who lives in Dallas, says the blockchain-based logistics platform is planning to establish a formal presence in North Texas.
real estate
Tech in Real Estate: How 5G, Blockchain, AI Is Changing the Industry
by | Feb 26, 2018
In 2017, the real estate industry invested $8 billion in new technology. During a recent Urban Land Institute panel, experts discussed how tech such as smart contracts and blockchain will revolutionize real estate.
Accenture Technology Vision: Report Unravels Trends Transforming Business
by | Feb 21, 2018
The survey behind the report included 6,381 international business and IT executives including those from Dallas, Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Houston, New York City, and San Francisco.