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Accenture Technology Vision: Report Unravels Trends Transforming Business

Posted by David Kirkpatrick

Accenture released its Technology Vision 2018 report covering five major trends unfolding over the next three years: citizen AI, extended reality, data veracity, frictionless business, and internet of thinking.

The global professional services firm, with an office in Dallas, sees …

3 Things: Texas Rangers’ West Dallas Academy Focuses Beyond Sports

Posted by Heather Noel

Today’s stories include plans for the Texas Rangers’ youth academy in West Dallas, UTD’s new degree offerings, and how the city of Arlington is joining the Pokémon Go trend.

The new Texas Rangers’ youth academy in West Dallas will offer …

3 Things: GameStop Cashing In On Pokemon Go Craze

Posted by Amanda Hayes

Local retailers are banking from the popularity of Pokemon Go, two Plano natives get their big break in the tech world with $100,000 grant, and a Dallas coworking space is doubling its desk space. 

Pokemon Go is more than just