Caris Life Sciences and ConcertAI Announce New Clinico-Genomic Research Platform

by | Jun 1, 2023
Expanding a collaboration they announced in January, the two companies aim to drive "the future of cancer care" with the new platform, enabling novel insights for precision medicine, therapeutic development, and clinical trials management for academic and biopharma researchers.
Fort Worth Biotech NanOlogy Gets U.S. Patent for New Cancer Treatment
by | Mar 7, 2023
NanOlogy said the new patent covers a method of treating cancer by intratumoral administration of large surface area microparticle taxanes in combination with systemic administration of immune checkpoint inhibitors. “The goal is to identify which combinations can increase the immune response, thereby increasing the overall solid tumor response to treatment," said NanOlogy Chief Medical Officer Gere DiZerega.
Lantern Pharma’s New Drug Candidate for Mantle Cell Lymphoma Shows Promise
by | Dec 22, 2022
The Dallas-based biopharmaceutical company expects to begin testing the drug candidate in a “first in human” trial in mid-2023. The drug was developed using the publicly traded company’s AI/ML drug development platform.

Lantern, in collaboration with the National Cancer Institute, recently published insights on how AI can be used to find new indications for cancer drugs in record times with significant reductions in costs.
Dallas’ Lupagen Aims To Change the Way Cancer, Other Disorders Are Treated
by | Jun 2, 2022
Instead of shipping a patient's blood to a lab for customized cell therapy, Lupagen does the procedure "in vivo," using a dialysis-like treatment at the patient's bedside. Now it's collaborating with Umoja Biopharma to use its drug-delivery tech to place targeted immunotherapies in patients.

“We're able to deliver different types of gene therapies in a closed system," Lupagen's CEO says, calling the tech a "bridge to the future."

Dallas’ Lantern Pharma Hits Major Milestone on its AI Platform to Advance its Oncology Drug Research and Development

by | Nov 18, 2020
Lantern Pharma amassed 1 billion data points on its proprietary artificial intelligence platform, which it believes is the most of any company in biotech. Now, the company is able to reduce cost, time, and risk to establish a more sustainable route in oncology drug development.
Caris Life Sciences Acquires Pharmatech to Pair Patients with Clinical Trials, Faster
by | May 2, 2019
Using a patient's molecular makeup, Caris and Pharmatech aim to find the perfect clinical trial for each cancer patient—and enroll them in as little as 10 days.
Fort Worth Cancer Center Wins Innovator Award
by | Feb 14, 2017
The Foley and Lardner LLP award recognizes effective business models and strategies for cancer care providers.
Dr. Theodora Ross
Researcher’s Book Offers New Hope in Cancer Research
by | Feb 9, 2016
We connected with Dr. Theodora Ross, author of A Cancer in the Family, on why she came to DFW, UT Southwestern’s work in cancer genetics, and for her thoughts on how we can battle cancer more effectively.