SMU Research Team’s Tiny Sensor May Go to Mars—and Help Spaceships Land Safely

A team led by Volkan Ötügen, director of the SMU MicroSensor Laboratory, has developed a velocity-measuring "optical microresonator" that could help spaceships land safely on Mars and other planets. It's only 2 millimeters long—about the width of two sharp pencil points.

"Every gram of a device makes a huge difference in how much fuel I will have to have on a spacecraft and how many other items I can include as payload on that spacecraft," said Ötügen, whose research is funded by NASA.
Leonardo DRS’ Dallas Division Contributes to NASA Mars Project
by | Feb 27, 2018
Leonardo DRS teamed with NASA on detector technology to measure details about the winds on Mars and eventually on Saturn’s largest moon, Titan.
William Anderson
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Jacobs Wins $1.12B Services Contract at NASA Flight Center
by | Sep 27, 2017
Dallas-based Jacobs will provide science, engineering, and technical support for programs including the Space Launch System, and the International Space Station.