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Artist/Director/Technologist Jeremy McKane Aims to Protect Our Oceans With Blockchain

Posted by Jessica Elliott

Artist and director Jeremy McKane travels the world documenting the health of the oceans for his interactive art installation, LUCiD.

A talented underwater cinematographer and photographer, he vividly captures every ocean threat from plastic to overfishing, providing a visual appeal …

Artist Makes 1st Mind-controlled Digital Video Art Installation

Posted by John Stalle

Editor’s Note: The <Art / Code> event will bring together 15 digital artists to show off their cutting-edge work at the Aria Stone Gallery on July 27. The event is curated by David Rodriguez (aka Dr. Gorilla) and hosted

Jeremy McKane’s Vision Takes Aim at Polluted Oceans

Posted by Harrison Long

With a preference for underwater photography, it was only a matter of time before Dallas native Jeremy McKane took notice of a crippling disease affecting our oceans — pollution.

“Water does something to us all, it’s an element of freedom,” …