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Nextdoor Co‑Founder Nirav Tolia on Creating Community, Building Teams, and Learning From Failure

by | Sep 21, 2023
During Dallas Startup Week, the entrepreneur and executive—a Highland Park resident who Yahoo employee No. 84 before founding multiple tech companies—said "successes will spawn more successes" in the North Texas startup ecosystem.
Derrick L. Miles, President and CEO of CourMed
‘Billionaire Bunker’ in Florida Adds North Texas-Based CourMed to Its Concierge Amenities List
by | Aug 23, 2023
A manmade island in Florida known as the "Billionaire Bunker" is home to numerous billionaires and celebrities, including Tom Brady, Jeff Bezos, Ivanka Trump, and Julio Iglesias. Along with their exclusive digs and amenities, the island's residents are now getting services from North Texas-based concierge health provider CourMed.
The Last Word: Sentiero Ventures’ David Evans On Why Jeff Bezos’ ‘Customer Obsession’ Is a Good Idea for Startups
"Everyone by now has seen the video of Jeff Bezos just repeatedly saying 'customer' and his customer obsession is a well known part of Amazon lore," Evans wrote today in a LinkedIn post. "But what amazes me is how few companies think about customer success as a core function and just something 'we have to do once we get bigger,'" he adds.
Super Connectors: Where the ‘Power of One’ Meets ‘Always Be Networking’
by | Jul 26, 2023
Drawing from his own powerful lesson after losing a multimillion-dollar deal, TransPharMed CEO Kirk Barnes helps founders and leaders to be primed and ready to connect when opportunity knocks. Will Magruder, VP of partnerships at MassChallenge, lends his expertise to crafting a "handshake pitch" in nine words or less. Here's how.

Plus, the votes are in. MassChallenge announced its Handshake Pitch Winners at Pegasus Park: “We're the Tesla of jet skis,” “Net-zero concrete by 2050 by 2022," "We personalize treatment down to your genes," and more.

A Bezos Academy Preschool Is Coming to a Senior Living Community in Dallas

by | Jan 27, 2022
Forefront Living's Presbyterian Village North senior living community in North Dallas will be home to a new Bezos Academy in Fall 2022. The tuition-free, Montessori-inspired Bezos Academy will be the first in Texas—and second in the nation—to be located in a senior living community. "We believe in the power of generations interacting," says Tim Mallad, CEO of Forefront Living.
Two Tuition-Free Montessori-Inspired Bezos Academy Preschools Coming to Dallas College
by | Jan 11, 2022
Created by Amazon Founder Jeff Bezos, the Bezos Academy has built a network of eight tuition-free preschools in underserved communities in Washington state. Now the first two Bezos Academies outside Washington are coming to Dallas College campuses in Oak Cliff and Lancaster. Admissions will be open to families earning up to 400% of the federal poverty level with children ages 3 or 4.
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