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Discovery: How AI May Aid Heart Assessments; UTA Highway Research Tapped as ‘Sweet 16’ Project

by | Aug 30, 2019
We're bringing you this week's news about important developments from universities, labs, and private industry in this roundup of research and development activity in North Texas.
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Discovery: UT Southwestern Earns Top Ranking, UNT Prof Helps Unravel Disease’s Genetic Risk Factors
by | Jun 7, 2019
Also, you’ll discover a UT Dallas postdoctoral researcher who was named to the Grass Fellowship Program, and CASPR Group’s new partnership and product in this roundup of research and development activity in North Texas.
R&D: UNTHSC Seeks to Give Stroke Victims More Time; UTSW Examines Heart Issues & Race
by | Nov 23, 2018
Researchers and scientists in laboratories across North Texas are conducting studies and developing new medical treatments to make lives better.
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Discovery: How Genes Might Repair a Damaged Heart & Can Compounds Keep Tired Pilots Alert?
by | May 25, 2018
Plus, researchers may have found a common link between four neurological conditions. Find out more in the weekly roundup of research and development in Dallas-Fort Worth.

3-D Heart Imaging Helps Diagnose, Treat Children

by | Mar 6, 2017
The technology gives families a better understanding of their child’s condition and assists physicians in planning treatment.
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UTA Prof Gets $308K to Study Heart Condition in Women
by | May 23, 2016
Coronary microvascular dysfunction is a disease that affects the walls and inner linings of tiny coronary artery blood vessels that branch off from larger coronary arteries.