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Digital Thought Leader Don Tapscott to Headline the Emerging Technologies Summit

Posted by Jeanne Spreier

UTDallas_University of Texas at Dallas_ Dallas Innovates is a Gold Founding SponsorDon Tapscott, the global leader in spotting digital innovation’s impact on huge segments of the worldwide economy — including finance and cryptocurrency — will headline the Emerging Technologies Summit at The University of Texas at Dallas. The summit will …

What’s in Retail’s Future? Michio Kaku Looks Ahead

Posted by Nicholas Sakelaris

Imagine seeing the internet through a contact lens. Virtual reality automatically showing a person’s profile as you walk up to them. Purchases and other actions executed literally in the blink of an eye. This far-fetched sci-fi idea would seem outlandish …

Six Ways the Internet of Things Could Impact DFW in 2016

Posted by Michael Vidikan

A decade ago, the term “Internet of things” (IoT) emerged to describe a world in which everyday objects, from vehicles and household appliances to buildings and even lower-cost items like groceries would contain embedded chips or sensors to create a …

Is Dallas Ready for the Future?

Posted by Michael Vidikan


When I meet people for the first time, the conversation goes something like this: 

“So, what do you do?”

I reply, “I help companies understand the future so they can make better long-term decisions.”

“Do …