Follow the Money: ROBO Global Launches Healthcare ETF, Arteriors Gets ‘Significant Investment’

by | Jun 27, 2019
You’ll also find news from Align Capital Partners, Mark Cuban, Hidrent, TPG, Del Frisco’s Restaurant Group, Apple, and in this roundup of funding, merger, and acquisition activity involving companies in North Texas.
Follow the Money: Impact Shares Gets $1M from Rockefeller Foundation, Phynd Adds $4M in VC round
by | Oct 25, 2018
You'll also find news from WiredScore, Jacobs Engineering, BNSF Railway and GE Transportation, as well as Bay Capital Ventures and Eyevance. Here are notable funding and acquisition deals with North Texas ties.
Impact Shares
Impact Shares Creates Funds With NAACP, YWCA
by | Dec 5, 2017
The Dallas-based exchange-traded fund issuer and investment manager created a new and innovative platform for clients wanting to maximize social impact with market returns.
robotics & automation
ROBO Global Robotics & Automation Index Tops $1B
by | Aug 18, 2017
Total assets under management is well over $1.6 billion, when you combine the increasing number of funds in Europe and Asia also tracking the ROBO Global Index.