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TXOne Networks Names New CRO to Spearhead Revenue and Growth Initiatives

TXOne Networks, recognized among CRN's "10 Coolest IoT Security Companies," has named a new Chief Revenue Officer to lead revenue strategies and support its growth and expanding presence in the Americas. The company recently secured $51 million in a Series B extension funding.
Super Connectors: Where the ‘Power of One’ Meets ‘Always Be Networking’
by | Jul 26, 2023
Drawing from his own powerful lesson after losing a multimillion-dollar deal, TransPharMed CEO Kirk Barnes helps founders and leaders to be primed and ready to connect when opportunity knocks. Will Magruder, VP of partnerships at MassChallenge, lends his expertise to crafting a "handshake pitch" in nine words or less. Here's how.

Plus, the votes are in. MassChallenge announced its Handshake Pitch Winners at Pegasus Park: “We're the Tesla of jet skis,” “Net-zero concrete by 2050 by 2022," "We personalize treatment down to your genes," and more.
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Data Centers Offer IT Compliance and Innovative Management Solutions
by | Apr 4, 2016
INCREASED ENFORCEMENT OF HEALTH INSURANCE PORTABILITY AND ACCOUNTABILITY ACT (HIPAA) SECURITY REQUIREMENTS is adding more pressure to already strained healthcare organizations to not only meet the compliance standards, but exceed them. This technology push is driving healthcare IT professionals to utilize data center services to help meet the demands.