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The Last Word: OptiMIND Founder on Winning a $40,000 Award for Research Innovation at UTD’s Big Idea Competition

Associate Professor Chandramallika Basak entered UTD's recent Big Idea Competition in the alumni research commercialization category with OptiMIND, a series of brain training games designed to enhance brain and cognition across the lifespan. The games are designed to ensure that people stay sharp and focused at any age. After winning $40,000 in the competition, she recently tweeted that she's ready to start her startup.
Discovery: Your Opinion of Your Memory Could Help You, Wearable Fitness Trackers May Aid Cancer Assessments
by | May 4, 2018
Plus, local researchers are looking into how ovarian hormones and blood cholesterol may affect cardiovascular health. Find out more in the weekly roundup of research and development in Dallas-Fort Worth.
DFW Alzheimer’s Researchers Examine Ethnicity, Financial Calculations
by | Sep 20, 2017
UNTHSC is exploring the disease's effect on Mexican-Americans, while a UTD study shows how it can impact the ability to perform financial calculations.