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Dallas’ American Heart Association-Backed Fund Raises Nearly $42M to Invest in Health Tech

by | Aug 3, 2022
The American Heart Association is looking to emerging technology to help in its fight against one of the leading global causes of death—cardiovascular disease.

The Dallas-based organization, alongside global health tech giant Philips, announced re-upping their investment in VC fund Cardiation Capital.
Discovery: UNT Prof Joins Drone Safety Research Effort; UTA Studies Cardiovascular Disease-Depression Link
by | Apr 5, 2019
You’ll also find out about how a research project at Children’s Medical Center’s Research Institute at UT Southwestern is studying the effects of somatic mutations in healthy cells in this roundup of research and development activity in North Texas.
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Discovery: Boeing Grant Backs Tech+Human Teamwork, UNT Works on HDL Drug Delivery
by | Jun 1, 2018
Also, a UT Southwestern researcher is awarded one of the world's most prestigious scientific prizes. Here's a look at some of the research being done across North Texas.