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Dallas Innovates 2020 Thought Leaders: Allen Economic Development Corporation

Posted by Daniel S. Bowman

The Allen Economic Development Corporation is charged with facilitating company relocations and assisting the expansion of existing businesses, which creates jobs and generates additional tax revenue for the community.

Tell us about the Allen Economic Development Corporation.

The Allen Economic

Dallas Innovates 2020 Thought Leaders: 900lbs

Posted by 900lbs

Steve Deitz: CEO/Founder
Mitchell Massey: Sr. Interactive Producer/Creative Strategist

Innovation comes in many forms—from finished products and processes, to implementation and idea generation. How would you define your company’s innovations?

“Ideas are cheap, execution is everything,” says Chris Sacca (rockstar

Thought Leaders: Dallas Innovates The [Tech] Talent Issue

Posted by DI Content Studio | Special Advertising Section

In Dallas Innovates: The [Tech] Talent Issue, we heard from some of North Texas’ paradigm-shifting companies and organizations. These six local leaders discuss how to recruit and retain talent, predict future work trends, and more in our special advertising section.

Thought Leaders: Workforce Solutions Greater Dallas

Posted by Workforce Solutions Greater Dallas

Workforce Solutions Greater Dallas (WFSDallas) is one of the largest non-profit organizations in Dallas, braiding public and private resources in talent development for over 35 years! WFSDallas manages an extensive and inclusive workforce development system, complementing the robust economic development

Thought Leaders: Linux Academy

Posted by Linux Academy

Linux Academy is the premier hands-on online training platform for all skill levels to learn the latest cloud technologies. Since 2012 we’ve provided self-paced courses, access to expert training architects, a massive library of courses, and real scenario-based environments for

Thought Leaders: DevMountain

Posted by DevMountain

We provide immersive experiences that change lives. We’re a 13-week in-person coding bootcamp with a dedicated career support team. Our students are expected to learn the skills needed to apply for entry-level, full-stack development positions. Students are taught Git, JavaScript,

Thought Leaders: BG Staffing

Posted by BG Staffing

How does your company retain talent?

One of the main ways that we retain talent is by our very robust benefit plans that includes Healthcare, PTO, Holiday Pay and Matching 401k. We also offer a competitive Referral Bonus Program which

Graduating to New Heights Together

Posted by Jeff Caplan

Dr. Ali Shaqlaih arrived at the University of North Texas at Dallas at the start of the last decade as a faculty member in the Department of Mathematics and Information Sciences. He since has served as a coordinator, an assistant

Thought Leaders: 900lbs

Posted by Steve Deitz

Founded in 2008, 900lbs is a future-focused interactive design agency with a mission to serve and empower our clients and industry trailblazers. As a design and development Special Forces Unit, we create a diverse range of interactive initiatives and visual

Thought Leaders: Sam’s Club

Posted by Sam's Club

Jamie Iannone: CEO of and Executive Vice President of Membership and Technology
Becky Schmitt: Senior Vice President and Chief People Lead

Tell us about the Sam’s Club Innovation Center.

Jamie: We opened this office in downtown Dallas last year.

Businesses Must Lean In to Support Our Vibrant Region

Posted by Sanjiv Yajnik

Just a few weeks ago, I was in an interesting position. I was interviewing CNN’s Anderson Cooper at our Capital One campus in Plano, Texas. We had invited him to be our keynote speaker for the Collin County Business Alliance’s

Tax in a Digital World

Posted by Deloitte

It’s common for Finance to have a front-row seat when big new initiatives are underway, including technology spending. But far too often, Tax gets involved after the fact, when the best they can do is make the most of a

Emerging UNT Dallas College of Law is Setting a High Bar

Posted by UNT Dallas Law Communications

J.L. Turner’s 67th Anniversary Scholarship & Awards Gala was a grand affair. The elegance and pageantry was equally accented by its powerful purpose. Since 1982, the J.L. Turner Legal Association Foundation (JLTLA), has hosted an annual event to honor trailblazers

Transformation Impacts Every Leader

Posted by Sanjiv Yajnik

More than five years ago, we piloted a new way of working within my division. To be successful in a fast-paced, technology-driven world, I realized we had to explore how we worked together as an organization and seed it with

Paul Quinn College Students Participate in Interactive ‘Quinnite Build’ to Ease Digital Divide in Neighborhoods

Posted by Capital One

Paul Quinn College students Kenneth Boston, Ellie McRae, and Carnealus Manning hurried to make the finishing touches on their presentation Saturday. Their mobile application, called Feelo, helped support local businesses in south Dallas and the surrounding areas.

“When you look …

Never Give Up: A UNT Dallas Sociology Professor is Bringing the Stigma of Suicide Out in the Open

Posted by Jeff Caplan

University of North Texas at Dallas professor Syeda Jesmin and her STRONG organization are working to have a profound impact on changing the conversation about suicide and mental health on campus and in the surrounding southern Dallas communities.

Jesmin, a …

Inclusive Smart Cities: Moving from Technology-Centric to Citizen-Centric Smart Cities

Posted by Deloitte

As urban populations grow increasingly diverse, many cities are turning to technology and smart city solutions to build more livable environments and improve the delivery of public services. However, smart city design and implementation challenges, coupled with the digital divide

What Entrepreneurs Can Do to Protect Their Business

Posted by Munck Wilson Mandala, LLP

Entrepreneurs have a myriad of tasks to conquer as they begin their journey to launch a successful business. Too often in the chaos, legal issues are overlooked. Some entrepreneurs avoid speaking to a knowledgeable attorney, thinking that it will be

Let the Storm Rage On: What Unmanaged Expectations Can Feel Like

Posted by Susanne Turnbo

SenderoDuring an ice storm in December 2013, we lost power for four days when our city experienced record freezing temps. So, what does one do in this situation? You go to the mall, of course. Then you talk about holiday

Make Your Company’s Weight-Loss Permanent!

Posted by Joe Pruitt II

SenderoI was immediately intrigued when I recently heard a morning talk-show host interviewing two physicians about a new weight loss program. Who doesn’t want to lose those love handles? But the physicians weren’t touting traditional diet and exercise—their program was