Will Rosellini is the CEO at NEXEON, a bioelectronics company focused on the development and delivery of therapeutic solutions for the benefit of patients, health care professionals, and health care systems throughout the world. Rosellini, a former minor-league pitcher, holds five master’s degrees in addition to a law degree. He is a 15-year veteran of the neurotechnology space and has expertise in accelerating the development of emerging technologies with minimal at-risk capital. He previously founded and led Lexington Technology Group, LLC, a database company commercializing a database solution with an exit to (“DSS” NYSE) Sarif Biomedical LLC, a stereotactic microsurgery company exit to (“MARA” NSDQ) and Emeritus Clinical Solutions (Acquired). He became a board member of Marathon Patent Group (“MARA”) in 2013. Rosellini also founded Microtransponder in 2006, in 2012, Rosellini left his position as CEO at Microtransponder after temporarily losing his voice to thyroid cancer. Will has been serving as the Chairman and CEO of Nexeon MedSystems since January 2016.