3 Things: Lilly & Bella Delivers Scratch-made Baby Food to Your Home

baby food

A new service is making Dallas moms’ to-do lists shorter, a TCU alumnus and journalist is discussing how we communicate in a digital world, and Mansfield school district has officially reached innovative status. 

For busy North Texas moms, baby food made from scratch now can be delivered to your doorstep. The Dallas-based company Lilly & Bella is founded by local moms and provides organic ingredients and recipes designed for babies and toddlers. The process involves three easy steps: choose a plan, wait for delivery, and follow the easy instructions to prepare healthy dishes. Find a list of prices and participating counties on Dallas Culture Map.

A Texas Christian University alumnus has created a podcast to start a national discussion on the future of journalism. As Americans have access to more information than ever before, CBS News contributor Bob Schieffer explores the question: are people more informed or just overwhelmed? Kristie Bunton, dean of the Bob Schieffer College of Communication, says the podcast will likely be integrated into the curriculum at TCU to keep the department up-to-date on national trends. The About the News podcast episodes can be found on iTunes and CSIS

Mansfield school district officials voted to become a District of Innovation. This classification lasts for five years and means the district has more flexibility when it comes to school start dates and hiring teachers. The Star-Telegram reports that the District of Innovation procedure allows schools to hire specialized professionals without teaching certificates. For areas like mechanics, this change provides opportunities for students to learn technical skills. 

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