3 Things: Could Artificial Intelligence Be The Future of Internet Search?

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Startups are using artificial intelligence to develop new internet search techniques, Exxon Mobil has found a new process that could reduce emissions and energy usage in plastic manufacturing, a Flower Mound group provides a forum for entrepreneurs seeking advice.

What if searching the internet were more like talking to a friend? With the help of artificial intelligence, companies are working on new processes that will understand natural language better. Twiggle has developed a search method that keeps the personal touch for e-commerce shopping while FacilityLive is focusing on finding solutions for search techniques in the Internet of Things realm. Industry leaders such as Google and Amazon aren’t sitting idle either. Each have their own technologies they hope will bring internet searches into the future. CNBC has more on the disruption of internet search.

Technology being developed by Irving-based Exxon Mobil and Georgia Institute of Technology could be a game-changer for reducing emissions in plastics manufacturing. The new technique would use reverse osmosis to separate the chemical building blocks of plastics from hydrocarbon mixtures instead of heat. At this point, it’s still in the research phase, but if put into practice, the oil and gas company estimates it could cut down annual carbon dioxide emissions by 45 million tons as well as reduce energy costs associated with making plastic by $2 billion. Dallas Business Journal has more on the new process. See what other projects Exxon Mobil is working on with universities around the nation

A monthly Flower Mound meet-up group offers entrepreneurs a forum to discuss ideas and seek advice on growing their companies. The Boardroom is Charles Horton’s take on the television show, Shark Tank, but, for him, the focus is on education not entertainment. “I watch the show and got to thinking that this could be valuable,” Horton told The Leader. “But they focus too much on entertainment and beating up the entrepreneur and not on education. I wanted to do this to make sure they get educated.” Read more on the group and how it helped a Plano-based company. 

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