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DHD Films Takes Us High Above the Purple Skyline

Posted by Lance Murray

Last Thursday night, the Dallas skyline glimmered in a beautiful purple hue as the city celebrated innovation for the launch of Dallas Innovates.

Our friends over at DHD Films of Dallas used the latest in drone technology and high-definition photography to create this beautiful video.…

Fort Worth Surgeon Uses 3-D Technology for Knee Replacement

Posted by Nicholas Sakelaris

Chuck Burr rarely slows down for any reason.

The 58-year-old Benbrook resident is building himself up for a half Ironman in April and a full Ironman in November. He did a 5K and, in December, a half marathon.

When he hits the trail, he often forgets that he had a total knee replacement just 14 months ago.…

Does DFW’s Venture Capital Rank Tell the Whole Story?

Posted by Walter Bialas

PricewaterhouseCoopers recently released its MoneyTree report detailing US venture capital (VC) funding for 2015.

To my surprise, DFW did not rank very highly (only edged into the top 25 markets). While it was not a shock that we came in lower than the traditional VC hotbeds of the Bay Area, Boston, New York-New Jersey, Seattle, and Washington, D.C.…

The Birthday Party Project

Posted by Tara Nieuwesteeg

A birthday party is a lasting memory for children, but one many homeless kids across the nation never get the opportunity to celebrate. Enter Paige Chenault of Dallas, who has brought the joy of childhood in more than 1,600 birthdays with more than 15,000 youngsters through her Birthday Party Project.…

Why Every Dallas Startup Should be at SXSW

Posted by D'Andrea Willis

SXSW (South by Southwest) is the one annual event that combines technology, music, film, startups and epic meetups right in the heart of emerging tech capital, Austin.

Over the last few years, Dallas has been getting attention on the national startup scene more than ever before — which makes attending SXSW an absolute must.…

Dallas Innovates Celebrates Launch

Posted by Jana J. Pruet

It’s official. On Thursday night, hundreds gathered with us in downtown Dallas to celebrate the launch of Dallas Innovates. Seeing all of the hundreds of tweets and images on social media, we are reminded of the collaboration it took to make it happen.

Deal Terms in Early Stage Investments Across North Texas

Posted by Kevin Vela

Back in December, I wrote three reasons why the North Texas Investor Community is Shifting. In this post, I’m going to dive a bit deeper into what we’re seeing across early stage investment deals in Dallas-Fort Worth. As a reference, I would invite you to visit our VW Series Seed report.…

Drone Technology Takes Off with Business Users

Posted by Michael Vidikan

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), also known as drone aircraft, have been used extensively in commercial practice in recent years. As the technology progresses, more applications are being explored. Drones quickly are becoming a major platform for innovation.

Some Dallas companies are seeing incredible growth as demand for aerial imaging and monitoring services continues to grow.…

Innovator Says Millennials Can Help the World

Posted by Nicholas Sakelaris

To hear 21-year-old Param Jaggi speak, millennials are on a mission to save the world.

The Plano native is doing his part, holding several patents on inventions that reduce greenhouse gases and awaken people’s consciences to real-world problems.

He’s most known for developing the EcoTube, a cylindrical device with lab-grown algae that attaches to tail pipes, transforming carbon emissions into oxygen.…

Holy Trinity Catholic School Students Go Multimedia

Posted by Patrick Kobler

Holy Trinity Catholic School (HTCS) has turned morning announcements into a multimedia learning experience, and students, faculty, and parents aren’t the only ones tuning in. Upwards of 600,000 people worldwide are watching students at the Dallas grade school deliver the daily HTCS Morning News show.…

Creating an Exceptional Customer Experience

Posted by Thomson Reuters

“So what is the ‘so what’ of what we’re doing?” is the favorite phrase of VP of Customer Experience Dana Hyatt, Thomson Reuters Tax & Accounting in Dallas.

The answer to this question for any business today? The customer.

More specifically, an exceptional Customer Experience (CX) is what drives customers to visit and to remain with us.…

LEAP Into School Rekindles Program’s Success

Posted by Tara Nieuwesteeg

In the early ‘90s, Texas Instruments Foundation had a problem. Simply put, the young children in their beneficiary Head Start programs weren’t ready for school. The kids didn’t perform well in kindergarten testing and showed a distinct lack of “academic readiness.”…

3 Things That Will Change Innovation at Your Company Forever

Posted by Yoram Solomon

I recently delivered my “un-kill innovation” executive workshop to the leadership team of a Fortune 500 technology company in Florida. It was a great experience all around, but at the end, I was asked for the key takeaways and I narrowed them down to the following three things.…

My Story as a Female Engineer

Posted by Shradha Aiyer

Feb. 21 marked the beginning of National Engineers Week, calling attention to the important role that an engineer plays, and to attracting the next generation to the profession.

In order to celebrate the week, let’s hear directly from the lead engineer for mobile solutions at Axxess, Shradha Aiyer, whose work within the organization and in the community has had a significant impact on both.…

Why is the Dallas Skyline Purple?

Posted by Jana J. Pruet

That’s the question many may be asking tonight. But before we get to the purple skyline, we want to tell you what’s been happening at Dallas Innovates since our website launched in December.

As many of you know, Dallas Innovates, a collaboration of the Dallas Regional Chamber and D Magazine Partners, is an online media platform showcasing the region as a hub for innovation.…

Pet Loss Center’s Technology Helps Ease the Pain

Posted by Nicholas Sakelaris

Nick Padlo, owner of The Pet Loss Center, had to really look to find his niche in the multibillion-dollar pet industry.

It’s a business sector that’s been permeated by technology, from collars with GPS tracking to state-of-the-art surgeries at veterinary offices.…

Helping Entrepreneurs’ Ideas to Launch

Posted by Jeremy Vickers

I love entrepreneurship. Working with startups is a passion of mine, and has been since I was a child. I grew up in a family of entrepreneurs and I remember working at my father’s small businesses in junior and high school.…

Technology Brings New Educational Opportunities to the Classroom

Posted by Verizon

Technology in the classroom is not a new concept. These days, many schools have moved to a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program, where students are encouraged to bring a smartphone or tablet to their classroom to help them complete assignments and research subjects.…

Dallas’ Greatest Resource is its People

Posted by Patrick Kobler

From Reunion Tower in Dallas, to AT&T stadium in Arlington, and on to the historic Fort Worth Stockyards, the people of DFW are generating a palpable energy.

“Dallas is booming with innovation,” says Cheri Garcia, president of Cheri Garcia Consulting.…

Moving Ahead With Good Ideas

Posted by Catherine Cuellar

February may be the shortest month of the year, but 2016’s was long on inspiration and good ideas — not just because of Leap Day. From the Communities Foundation of Texas’ free Cause­Minded Conversation with Just Mercy author Bryan Stevenson to The Dallas Institute of Humanities and Culture’s annual Festival of Ideas in Fair Park, there was plenty to think about. …