Dallas-Based Startup Raises Millions for the Tech Platform It Calls a ‘Carfax for Homes’

ZYYAH's mission is to make homeownership radically simple with its digital home management solution. The startup says it's currently valued at $30 million.

Although ZYYAH was initially self-funded for its 2018 founding, just a few years later, it has accomplished another successful round of multi-million dollar funding, per a statement. The Dallas-based startup’s platform is currently in its limited beta release, but is preparing to pioneer “a new frontier in complete digital home management” with the impending full launch of its app. 

Founded by Bret Hatfield, a technologist; Kris Goggans, a real estate professional; and Jack Cecil, a luxury home builder, ZYYAH aims to help people get their preferred home lifestyle through its platform.

Many first-time homeowners look to do things themselves and get guidance, recommendations, or insights as needed to help them save time, money, and energy. ZYYAH works to help in this process by making it simple to manage, maintain, protect, document, repair, remodel, buy, and sell homes.

“At its highest level, ZYYAH’s mission is to make homeownership radically simple,” Hatfield, who is also the company’s CEO, said in a statement.

Although ZYYAH’s fundraising started just before the pandemic hit, the company says it was still able to easily meet, and even double, its initial multi-million dollar seed round. ZYYAH now has a $30 million valuation, according to a statement.

“Two years ago, we had a vision for ZYYAH, and since then, it has been continuously validated, in part, by events that have affected many of our home living experiences directly—flooding, a pandemic, an icepocalypse,” said Hatfield.

In March, ZYYAH launched its app in the Apple App Store with limited functionality for beta testing and is hoping to fully launch by the end of year. 

Aiming to be a “Carfax for homes,” ZYYAH’s app hopes to simplify homeowners’ responsibilities by allowing them to easily centralize home data, documents, and inventory. The application will also provide users with knowledge, advice, and tips.

“Just like the Fitbit changed how people could and were then more willing to manage their personal health, we aim to change how people manage their home’s health with our comprehensive and user-friendly inspections and home health reports,” said Hatfield.

The intelligent home management platform does not plan to solely benefit homeowners—it also connects homeowners to a network of vetted providers, as well as related products and services. Since the app is being tailored to real estate and home service professionals, it ultimately hopes to serve as a hub in a three-sided marketplace for buying, living, and selling.

Being multifaceted, the team hopes the ZYYAH app’s complete, updated launch will guide its users through every step of the way whether they’re buying, selling, or maintaining their current home.

“It’s almost as if we’re conditioned to think the homeowner journey ends when you pick your house, like a wrap on an episode of ‘House Hunters,’” Hatfield said. “But that’s really the beginning.”

In addition, the startup includes two subsidiaries, Hello Covered, a full-service insurance and home warranty company, Certus Title, a title company, and a partner group consisting of over 30 partners that provide products and services for homeowners. 

ZYYAH’s Advisory Board includes Silicon Valley experts, such as former executives from UBER and Angie’s List, according to a statement.

Recognizing a gap for homeowners

After a vacation to Napa in 2018, serial entrepreneurs Hatfield, Goggans, and Cecil realized they spent most of their trip discussing the headaches of home-owning, instead of enjoying their time away from work.

After analyzing the loads of apps and information out there for homeowners, the trio saw a gap in the market that they felt needed to be filled by a Proptech and Insurtech solution. They decided to join forces to design a platform combining all of their expertise into an easy-to-use digital solution to make home management “radically simple.” 

Thus, ZYYAH was born.

“The three of us realized we could create something that allowed homeowners to overcome that missing intelligence, and help them better manage with a well-designed platform,” Hatfield said. “For many Americans, their home is their biggest asset, making it wise to care for, improve on, and drive its appreciation.”

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