Working on the Weekend

It is Sunday evening, and I just left the office.

If I were already an attorney, that statement wouldn’t be unusual in any way—lots of attorneys work on weekends. Seeing as how I’m in my last year of school for a JD and an MBA, those hours would also not be unexpected if I were still hustling to lock down a job. But that isn’t the case either, since I have already accepted an offer to join the Vela Wood team when I graduate. The unusual part about that statement is that I went to work during the weekend because I wanted to.

Vela Wood was hosting a Cowboys watch party. The game, shown on the 100-inch screen in our collaboration room, had most people’s attention. Two former NFL players, who also happen to be VW clients, filled each other in on their current entrepreneurial endeavors. TC and Jake from 1310 The Ticket talked about the game while recording their popular local podcast, It’s Just Banter, and a few of their fans—who VW connected with on Twitter and invited to join the party—chatted over beers between plays. One end of the ping-pong table was loaded with fajita fixings and queso. On the couch beneath Star Wars, Daft Punk, and Reservoir Dogs posters, my dog made himself at home in someone’s lap.

This casual Sunday event is a small but perfect example of what makes Vela Wood the best boutique law firm in Dallas.

Vela Wood is a lively place to work. Most law firms are thought of as old and stuffy, but VW is the exact opposite. The environment is relaxed and vibrant, and my co-workers are brilliant and engaging. I like to tell my friends that you could meet with anyone on our team for advice about your business, and when the meeting finished, you would actually want to grab a beer with them afterward. Everything about VW dispenses with the intimidating attorney stereotype and replaces it with a team that is incredibly capable, accessible, and relatable.

In addition, working with emerging companies is an exciting privilege that makes us all incredibly passionate about the work we do here at Vela Wood. We helped to incorporate It’s Just Banter and navigate some early legal questions they had, and we are now proud to partner with them in their podcast. We represent hundreds of startups and small businesses (it possibly could be thousands), and it’s incredibly rewarding to see our work in action. Getting in front of the clients, so we get to know them on a personal level, is important to everyone on the VW team. Working with emerging companies is a ton of fun on its own, but when those personal relationships with clients develop, that’s when the work becomes truly rewarding.

Heading into the office on Sunday was the best part of my weekend. Working as a member of the Vela Wood team will likely be the best part of my professional career.

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Caroline Fabacher is a Law Clerk at Vela Wood and a JD-MBA Candidate at Southern Methodist University. After graduation, she will join the Vela Wood team as an associate. Vela Wood is a Texas-based (...)

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