Verizon Keeps People Connected When Disasters Strike

It prepares for natural disasters with year-long emergency response staging and testing.

Connecting People Through Disasters

We live in an always-on world, with wireless connections playing a key part of everyday life at work, school, and home. However, we rarely understand our dependence on wireless service until it is lost, often in times of disaster when it’s needed most.

Dallas is no stranger to natural disasters — from heavy rains, ice, and flooding to high winds and tornados.  

History has shown that preparedness pays off, and Verizon continually undergoes natural disaster preparation. We don’t only think about network reliability when individual storms or incidents pop up — we undergo year-long emergency response staging and testing as part of our network investments. This type of network testing is done nationwide in major cities such as Dallas, as well as less-populated areas in Texas and beyond.

Verizon has developed a strong plan and fleet to prepare and respond in times of emergency. This support includes:

Mobile Switch Center: This is the heart of our network. By routing voice and data traffic, Verizon delivers a reliable source of communication during emergencies. Complete with battery power backups and generators, the switch center is prepared for power outages.

Emergency Responder Collaboration: During a disaster, Verizon works closely with emergency personnel to provide tablets, phones, and MiFi units, and brings in local volunteers to ensure ample support.  

Verizon’s extensive planning and preparation allows for a quick response, helping residents feel safe, and connected during times of crisis.

Crisis Response Fleet: Verizon has a highly technical fleet of equipment including COWs (cells on wheels), COLTs (cells on light truck), RATs (repeaters and trailer), and GOATs (generators on a trailer), which can be quickly transported to boost network signals, particularly in remote areas. This equipment also provides backup power to both cell sites and switching centers, preparing for larger commercial power outages.

Major Emergency Response Incident Team: Verizon’s community outreach team responds to any equipment damage. The team is comprised of Hazmat professionals capable of rapidly deploying to mitigate damage and restore fiber connections as quickly as possible.

Connectivity for Disaster Victims: When an area experiences a disaster, Verizon sets up free mobile charging stations and internet access points. These allow people to stay in touch with loved ones and first responders –- bringing comfort to residents in disaster areas.

Verizon’s extensive planning and preparation allows for a quick response, helping residents feel safe, and connected during times of crisis.

Learn more about our disaster response efforts here.

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