Universal Mind Discusses Future of Digital Technology at TIA

Company explores intersection of human behavior and digital knowledge at this year's Telecommunications Industry Association conference



Earlier in June, the Renaissance Hotel in Dallas played host to the Telecommunications Industry Association or TIA 2016 conference. The June 6 – 9 event welcomed hundreds of attendees, all dedicated to exploring the growth and design of tomorrow’s network. Universal Mind proudly supported the endeavor by serving as an “Industry Partner.”

On June 7, Universal Mind President and CEO Brett Cortese served on a panel addressing intelligent platforms, connectivity, the relentless stream of data, and how organizations, governments, and more can utilize these to craft refined experiences for customers and consumers. The panel also spoke to how the intersection of human behavior and digital knowledge can create new paradigms of interaction across a variety of environments. To view this compelling discussion in its entirety, click here.

“Participating in the TIA provides the ideal opportunity to help shape conversations around the digital transformation taking place in this sector,” Cortese said. “Sharing insights around how UX and CX are impacting and transforming the interaction and expectation consumers now have is imperative to determining the future of the industry.”

Speaking further on the topic of interpreting user behavior by incorporating IoT data, Cortese also served on a TIA Panelist interview.

Universal Mind also led a workshop at the event, on June 8 entitled “Get Creative with IoT: Project, Product and Business Model Design.” More than 20 individuals registered for the four-hour long workshop led Universal Mind’s Brad Ruiter, vice president of UX, Christian Saylor, creative director and Jesslyn Beattie, Director of UX, Dallas.

The workshop explored IoT solutions and service models through lean design methods and rapid prototyping while incorporating a human-centered approach (a.k.a. “Story Sprints”) to help generate new solutions and networks designed to help attendees understand how their IoT technology or services can meet their customer’s needs.

“Telecommunications and the IoT are naturally bound.” 

Jesslyn Beattie

Attendees reportedly enjoyed seeing solution outcomes in a short period of time and found great benefit in the empathy mapping exercise to help identify issues tied to specific personas.

“Telecommunications and the IoT are naturally bound,” Beattie said, “In order to meet the ever growing expectations of telecom consumers, industry experts understand the need to incorporate a human-centered approach to develop innovative solutions. Universal Mind is proud to support these efforts and help further dialogue around these often complex yet connected elements.”

All in all, the event was a huge success for both event organizers and Universal Mind.

For more information about Universal Mind, visit universalmind.com.

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