Top 10 Reasons to Know Greg Reber

Meet the new vice president of client services at digital agency, Universal Mind.

Universal MInd is a Dallas Innovates is Silver Founding SponsorAt Universal Mind, we make cool things for cool people, so it’s only appropriate that we work with cool people as well. Greg Reber joined our team of all-stars as vice president of client services in May, bringing with him all of the swagger and excellence that only the Texas operations of Universal Mind would be worthy of.

Sure—you can read his impressive resume, but it won’t tell you what Greg cares about, or what Greg spends his free time doing. Read on to see what makes this Texas Tech graduate an essential part of what we do at Universal Mind.

He was a Paperboy. (How American!)

Greg’s first job — and decidedly his worst job — was as a paperboy for the Orange County Register in California. Maybe it was because he hadn’t made his way to Texas yet, but this guy can ride a bike and throw a paper. Talk about multitasking!

He’s a cloud guy.

“Mobility and moving technology to the cloud has presented itself with a great opportunity,” Greg said.

The cloud has become one of the key components to his enthusiasm for communications and technology. At Universal Mind, we design, build, and deploy cloud-native applications that enable you to reduce time to market and spread rapid innovation. Whether it be web, mobile, IoT, or machine to machine, Greg can give insight into how to make this happen for clients.  

He’s a good listener.

Greg wants to hear your stories! He loves to meet new people and understand their motivations and needs.

“I’m best at listening to people and building on their trust.”

At Universal Mind, Greg can leverage the company’s years of experience delivering digital value that allows him to ensure that clients’ new initiatives get the start they deserve and stalled projects receive the help they require.

You can call him “Coach.”

As the proud parent of two sons, he is very passionate about coaching youth sports.

“I love coaching both of my sons in whatever sport they are playing.  I try to be a father figure to all my players and work with them to make sure they are always having fun. Through coaching, I am working to instill a good work ethic, and I enjoy being able to watch them grow up and make the right decisions outside of sports.”

He is a Texas Tech Red Raider for LIFE.

He received his B.B.A. in marketing and business, and has Raider blood pulsing through his veins. Greg is very involved with the local alumni association, and loves to connect with other alumni. So make sure you greet him with a “Guns Up.”

The community matters to him.

“Dallas is a city full of friendly, proud, hardworking people who make things happen. The can-do attitude—you see it all over this city.”

Dedicated to Dallas, Greg is involved at Spring Creek Elementary and WestWood Junior High as part of Super Dads and PTA.

“Dallas is a city full of friendly, proud, hardworking people who make things happen. The can-do attitude—you see it all over this city. I’ve never met a group of people so committed to helping their community. It makes you want to get involved and be a part of something big.”

Universal Mind is thrilled to have Greg represent our all-star team in the lone-star state. 

Kelly is his hero.

Who is Kelly? His wife, of course!

“Not only is she my hero, but also my best friend.  She is my rock.  She has opened my eyes to the world and helped me see the good in everything.  She has taught me that nothing in the world will take the place of persistence, and that if I help enough people, the favor will be returned.”

Let’s all give him a collective “awwwwwwe.”

He’s dedicated to the problem.

He thrives on connecting with people and helping to solve their problems. That is why he is such a great fit for our Universal Mind team. We are people who solve problems. It’s in our very DNA. Our capabilities are infused with and grounded in a deep understanding of people and what it means to design and develop unrivaled experiences.

People are his passion.

When asked about his favorite part of his job at Universal Mind, he answered emphatically that it is the people that work there.

“I love that at Universal Mind, we win together, and we lose together. We have the most talented people, which make my job so much easier.  I don’t have to worry about support, because there is always someone available to help.”

Thanks, Coach!

You really want his Christmas Card.

Every year, Greg’s family re-creates a Christmas card from an old movie. This, perhaps, is the best thing about Greg. 

[Photo provided by Universal Mind]

Universal Mind is the digital agency for creating new ideas with broad innovation skills. 14 years in the business gives us the tactical chops in user experience architecture, visual design, and software development to deliver. We are ludicrously fast, fierce, and fun to work with. If you want to make cool stuff with cool people, we want to hear from you. Let’s create something amazing together.

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