Through the Lens: The Power of Video

As the utilization of video marketing continues to grow, Ricky Townsend encourages businesses to use this multisensory medium as an effective part of their brands.

SenderoEven if you’re one of the few dozen people who never saw Steven Spielberg’s JURASSIC PARK (1993), there’s a decent chance you’re still familiar with the famous “water ripple scene”—an iconic moment that deftly accomplishes two primary goals that most movies carry: to tell a story and evoke emotion.

In that case, the story is that there’s a large dinosaur nearby. And the emotion is, “RUN.”

From growing up commandeering my mom’s Sony Handicam alongside my brother to working at a Los Angeles film studio, a large part of my life has operated at 24 frames per second. Now at Sendero, my job is to help tell our story to our primary audience groups—namely current/future clients and prospective employees.

Video as a storytelling medium is no longer left exclusively to the devices of Hollywood studios or large advertising companies. With the advent of social media, ever-decreasing costs of video equipment, and an increase in accessibility, the landscape has never been riper for organizations of any size or industry to leverage the powerful tool of video marketing. In fact, as more and more firms utilize video as a means to reach their customers, it has quickly become a necessary vehicle to stay competitive in any given industry.

What is your company’s story? How is it being told? Who is listening and what are they hearing? Is video a priority in your business strategy? Should it be?

Like with any new frontier, there are oftentimes more questions than there are answers, but as the way we consume content continues to evolve every day, the following figures tell their own story:


Every brand is different, as are the approaches a given organization can take when it comes to implementing an effective video strategy. For example, here at Sendero, we prioritize authenticity by looking to employee-inspired video ideas and focusing on the genuine relationships we have with our people, clients, and community. This can take many different forms, whether it be our crowd-sourced video series SenderoStories or our Client Journeys that highlight successful partnerships.

Whether it’s a ‘90’s blockbuster or a thirty-second client testimonial, we all have a story to tell. Now get out there and tell it.


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