Thomson Reuters Opens New Technology Space

Tasked with expanding its technology campus to accommodate employee growth, Thomson Reuters created an innovative space that facilitates collaboration.

Thomson Reuters is a Dallas Innovates is Platinum Founding SponsorContinuing its growth in the North Texas area, Thomson Reuters expanded its technology campus by building out additional space for technology teams practicing Agile software development.

Thomson Reuters Tax & Accounting’s Carrollton, Texas, location is one of its three U.S. hiring hubs. It is also a Thomson Reuters enterprise location with representation from the company’s major strategic business units (Tax & Accounting, Financial & Risk, and Legal) as well as corporate functions (Marketing, Human Resources, Finance, Communications, and Legal).

With such rapid growth, office space was an issue. The new innovative hub alleviates the space issue. “It contains abundant team huddle areas, team artifact areas, white boards, projection capabilities, personal rooms, and collaboration attributes. Teams can quickly reconfigure how they are organized without involving Facilities,” said Jon West, Thomson Reuters head of Platforms.

With such close proximity to Dallas, Thomson Reuters’ Carrollton location is ideally situated to be engaged with a variety of corporate customers and take advantage of the city’s world-class talent pool. Thomson Reuters has received several grants from the State of Texas and the City of Carrollton by committing to capital investment and steady employment over a multi-year period.

Technology groups throughout the Carrollton location are extremely enthusiastic about the future ideas and software developments that will result from the shared innovative space.

Take a look behind the scenes of the new space.

Thomson Reuters employees leave the Carrollton-based office, located in close proximity to Dallas.

The office space offers multi-screen computers with adjustable desk heights for ease and comfortability. [Photo by Chase Mardis]

The office space is organized into open pods that foster collaboration. [Photo by Chase Mardis]

The new office design is a hybrid of open and closed spaces, and here they have carved out private working spaces. [Photo by Chase Mardis]

With collaboration in mind, this innovative space is bright, inviting and transparent. [Photo by Chase Mardis]


If you would like to learn more about Thomson Reuters, go here. If you’d like to learn more about job opportunities with Thomson Reuters, go here.

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