The Value in the Information Sharing Economy

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Think about the last training event you attended. How much did you pay for it?

Information is arguably the most precious commodity in business. With knowledge comes power, and more often than not, the people with the most knowledge have the advantage.

But it is only when a company shares its knowledge to benefit the entire industry — openly and freely — that the value of information is truly felt.

At the heart of every successful company is the drive to solve a problem or fill a need.

At the heart of every successful company is the drive to solve a problem or fill a need. I started Axxess because I am determined to provide solutions to empower home healthcare providers to give the best possible care to their patients.

We provide these solutions not just through our products, but also by educating the industry and making home health care itself better.


Home health care and its regulations are changing almost daily. There is a vital need for health-care providers to stay up to speed, but they spend their entire days caring for their patients.

So, we created a resource center with a catalogue of free white papers, e-books, and on-demand videos that speak to real topics that affect our industry: what tools they can use to decrease costs and increase revenue, how to remain compliant with changing laws, and how to grow their businesses.

Through this resource center, Axxess has become a trusted voice.

We are investing in the industry. Our dedication to improving home health care directly funnels into business growth.


Our experience can be a lesson for small companies and startups that are going against the giants of the industry — showing that dedication and personal approach is a strong differentiator.

Axxess recently was a startup, and we learned that, sometimes, the best way to increase awareness about your business is to freely share your expertise. As a byproduct, we are promoting the success of our industry as a whole. That is an insight I am happy to share with other innovators for free.

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As President and CEO of Axxess, John Olajide leads the strategic vision and direction of the company. Olajide is passionate about improving the quality of healthcare services delivered to patients in (...)