Snapchat is Dead and Facebook is Now Live

DHD Films says Facebook Live offers a more targeted approach to streaming with real time feedback.

DHD Films


Recently introduced to all users, Facebook Live is a new way to connect with followers by broadcasting live video on a company’s Facebook page. This innovation is a fun, new way to connect with followers and create new ones along the way.

It’s undeniable that videos are more engaging than photos alone. Through apps such as Periscope or Snapchat, live streaming has already been adopted by many companies to connect with users.  Since its introduction, Facebook Live has already hosted millions of live streams.

It’s undeniable that videos are more engaging than photos alone. 

Compared to Snapchat, Facebook Live provides a much more targeted approach to streaming and administers real time feedback. Live comments allow broadcasters to see how many followers are viewing and actively engaged. In addition, live videos hosted on Facebook are saved on the timeline after the event, unlike Periscope or Snapchat videos which disappear after 24 hours.

Facebook Live provides users with post metrics after broadcasting as well. It equips the brand with such information as total views, peak live views, and average percentage of completion, which are excellent tools to analyze a live performance and improve upon the next try. The streaming service is a great way to develop follower loyalty and retention by inviting them to opt-in and receive notifications of any upcoming live events.

So what does this modern communication style mean for businesses today?

As an interactive tool to genuinely share a company’s culture, Facebook Live takes the cake. Companies can broadcast addresses from a CEO, charity or community service event, or even share B2B conferences. The entire time the company can make its followers feel special by greeting them by name, responding to any comments they may share on the spot, or giving a sneak preview of a new product or service for those who tuned in early.

As an interactive tool to genuinely share a company’s culture, Facebook Live takes the cake. 

The one major disadvantage of Facebook Live is how much it can drain an individual’s phone battery. Not to mention, it requires a strong wireless or internet connection. We recommend using a fully charged phone or having a battery pack close. Also, set up on a strong network such as 4G or use available Wifi.

Finally, the best way to engage your audience and keep them wanting more is to be creative. Ask questions, thank your viewers for following, and encourage them to invite friends. The more personable and creative your brand can be, the more viewers and clicks your live streaming will get.

Outside of Facebook Live, let DHD Films help you soar to the top with beautiful and engaging prepared video content.

DHD Films is an award winning, full-service video production and motion graphics studio based in Dallas, Texas. We tell compelling stories designed to help build powerful brands. Our clients include Fortune 500 companies, innovative startups, government and creative agencies. We specialize in the creation and deployment of visual campaigns using video, the fastest growing communications medium.

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