7 New Tech Skillsets in Demand Today

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It’s no secret that Texas –- and Dallas along with it –- is booming. And, the tech industry is a big part of that boom.

Forbes recently rated Dallas No. 7 on its list of America’s Next Boom Towns (other Texas cities that made the list are Austin at No. 1, Houston at No. 6 and San Antonio at No. 8).

NerdWallet reported that the Dallas-Plano-Irving area had roughly 50.26 tech employees per 1,000 jobs in 2015, putting it at No. 11 overall on their list of best places for tech jobs.

With 2,200 employees located at our Hidden Ridge regional headquarters in Irving, Verizon Wireless is proud to contribute to the strong tech presence in North Texas.

As the tech industry continues to evolve, a number of new career choices with innovative job titles to match have emerged. While the tried-and-true roles that serve as the backbone of the industry are still very much in demand, new tech developments are changing the job mix.

Below is a snapshot of the newer skillsets sought by employers, some familiar and some not so familiar, but all of which are in demand.

Artificial Intelligence Software Engineer:

Artificial intelligence enables computers to act like humans. According to a recent report, more than 25 percent of manufacturing jobs will be done by robots by the year 2025 and the U.S. is at the forefront of robot deployment.

Augmented Reality Architect:

Unlike virtual reality, which blocks out reality altogether (think VR goggles for gaming), augmented reality blends the virtual with the real. There’s massive potential in the entertainment and advertising industry for those interested in augmented reality, as well as for education and training.

Big Data Analyst:

Forbes quotes an increase in demand of nearly 90 percent during 2014 for computer systems analysts with big data experience. Data, no matter how big or small, doesn’t become useful information until it’s properly analyzed, and it’s at this level that big data analysts become particularly valuable.

3D Print Designer:

The global 3D printing market is predicted to be worth more than $20 billion by 2019, and engineering and manufacturing are just two of the areas that will need multi-dimensional designers. Healthcare is also set to see the benefits, while it might sound like science fiction, Carnegie Mellon researchers are actually working on rebuilding a human heart using 3D printing.

Ethical Hacker:

Also known as white-hat hackers, ethical hackers are hired to search and highlight weak and vulnerable spots in servers before the unethical ones (black-hats) can get in. According to MarketWatch, ethical hackers are increasingly in demand, especially as cybersecurity remains a chief concern across industries.

Interaction Designer:

Interaction design, or IxD, was a hot topic of 2015, and job seekers have responded with great interest. Interaction Designers create the way the digital world connects to the human one, which applies to any and all digital interfaces – wearables, websites, cell phones, apps, games – making the usability as ‘real world’ as it can be.

Smart City Urban Planner:

Tech is transforming the way cities work – even the street lights are getting smarter. From designing and building more sustainable neighborhoods to automating traffic and transport management, planners today need a tech background and a clear vision.

Regardless of job title, any company is only as good as its people, and that includes Verizon, where we believe that the power of technology can solve just about anything.

Verizon is always on the lookout for individuals who think the way we do, check out our careers site and see if we’d make a good match.

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