Sabre Asks Travel Experts About Global Priorities in 2017

Find out what the panel of experts believe should make the task list for government and the travel industry.


The end of any year is a natural inflection point. Whether you follow the Gregorian or Lunar calendar, the conclusion of a year lends itself to a moment of pause. Reflecting on the year naturally segues into looking ahead. With a new year comes a chance to realign priorities with resources and reorient focus and energy.

That’s why we chose “Global Priorities” as the theme for this month’s Travel Expert Index. Closing out the year with three questions related to what our panel thinks should make it onto the task list of both governments and the global travel industry.

Cyber security is an issue of colossal concern

When asked to identify top priorities for government and the travel industry, the panel overwhelming identified cyber security as a key concern. With hacking in the news nearly every day, especially after the most recent election in America, this is not at all surprising. It does highlight how important it is for all businesses to know where they are vulnerable and take steps to protect against any unwanted intrusions.

Within the travel industry, improving operations through technology is seen as important. When increased efficiencies can be pulled out through system improvements, there are clear advantages for both supplier profitability and traveler experience.

The full results are below. 

Global Travel Priorities 2017 Infographic
This article was originally published on Sabre Insights Blog.


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