Purpose with a Blank Slate: 3 Socially-Conscious Innovators That Stand Out

People who build the community have the power to change it. The Tritex Group seeks partners with purpose: What changes do YOU want to make?

Tritex Bonton Farms

Tritex icon5 minutes. That’s it.

That’s all the time an entrepreneur gets to tell his or her story.

Everything can change in 300 seconds. In the past month, from SXSW in Austin to OneUp the Pitch in Dallas — Tritex has heard more than 100 unique ideas.

But three groups really stick out. We were impassioned with Café Momentum, Bonton Farms, and Nick’s Pizza Pub — all socially conscious, innovative groups.

Café Momentum

Café Momentum is a restaurant that employs at-risk youth who need a second chance. This group provides not just an alternative, but an incredible intern program to be educated on more than just cooking. It’s a lesson in life. By the time these students walk out the door, they are high-fiving, fist bumping, and smiling. There’s something to that; something we couldn’t forget. 

Bonton Farms

Bonton is an urban farm in the middle of a food desert. This ‘agricultural intervention’ in South Dallas is restoring lives. Instead of a 3-hour round trip bus ride to a grocery store miles away, this community can thrive where it’s planted. This plot of land is transforming everything around it.

Nick’s Pizza Pub

Founded by Nick Sarillo, Nick’s Pizza Pub is all about growing culture. In a world of mission statements, Nick focuses on the now. Not tomorrow, not three years from today, but now. His team works off of ‘purposes’ instead of promises in the future. The turnover rate is 25% in his restaurant – and no wonder, five different waitresses have received thousand dollar tips. Nick’s focus on culture drives his bottom line.

These three groups resonate with us because they are taking old problems and coming up with new solutions. Ways we haven’t done things before. And that’s what Tritex is about.


We’re about taking a new approach — strategies that are effective and inventive. So it seems like the perfect match-up. We care about the community, we are innovative, and we are always looking for new partners.

What would YOU like to change for positive impact?
Tritex wants to know. 

Inspired by these businesses, Tritex is trying to combine two elements: innovation and philanthropy. We are currently scouring East Dallas, looking for real estate properties that need improvement — call it a “blank slate”. The discovery process of where to find a physical and philanthropic impact fascinates us.

People who build the community have the power to change it. Tritex wants to use our “blank slate” to positively impact the surrounding community. So what would you do with yours?

What would you like to see in East Dallas? What would bring you out on a Saturday?   

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