People Need to Feel Something to Share Something

What do brands like Progressive, D Magazine, and Newcastle have in common? These three completely separate brands, from differing industries with different sizes, all have an innovative and engaging media campaign. They did this by marketing to people, not statistics.

Why Video?

We all know that video is the next stage of the content marketing evolutionary process. For brands, it is the easiest way to explain their products and their companies all while keeping the potential customer engaged. Videos made up 64 percent of all consumer Internet traffic last year, and Cisco predicts that number will increase to 80 percent by 2019.

True, anyone can make a video, but the ones that stick around have a strategy behind the content that’s created. Forty-nine percent of viewers believe the content they share adds value, encourages action, entertains, or influences opinions. You need to make some sort of bold statement about your message to touch on one of the topics in the right way. Why does this process work? It’s simple really.

People watch and share videos they can relate to. Videos with personable characters, a good story, and a take away that the viewer can easily digest are the ads that stick. Story and characters create trust. Thus, the audience will believe in your message so much they feel the need to share.

People Relate to People

Over the years, Progressive has tried a variety of campaigns to engage their audience. However, it wasn’t until the insurance mogul introduced their new sales rep Flo that the company really took off. Over a period of seven years, America has seen her as a reality star, a lovesick singer, and in true Medea style the entire family. They get a chance to connect with her on a personal level; therefore they trust Flo and the brand for which she stands.

Stay Relevant

D Magazine started as a local print-based magazine that quickly evolved into a media giant. The brand extended its reach past print into (you guessed it) an online publication forum that utilizes video. Over the years, we have been commissioned to produce everything from event videos, CEO profiles, all the way to an Identity Film that showcases the brand and its reach in less than 60 seconds. The result is a thriving media entity at a time where many others in the industry are barely surviving.

Get Creative With What You’ve Got

Everyone is familiar with the Dorito’s Crash the Superbowl campaign. So when underdog Newcastle decided to create an advertisement disguised as a submission, it was ultimately deemed a failure. However, the video soon got spread recognition on the Internet stemming several other satirical videos, jabbing at the advertising industry all while promoting their own product. This small brewing company grabbed the audience’s attention by creating an air of transparency within its brand. The audience feels it can trust Newcastle because the brand is being honest about its marketing tactics.

Wrap It Up Nicely

Keep your video story-centric and simple. And remember: humor always helps. Audiences want to enjoy your content, but they won’t seek it out if they don’t connect with it. Check out these other tips on content marketing, and feel free to reach out to us for help with your creative production needs.

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