How Verizon technologies are helping reinvent the travel and hospitality industry


Think about the last time you traveled for leisure or business and stayed in a hotel. Was the hotel booking experience, actual stay and billing process seamless or absolutely dreadful? If it was seamless, you can thank a quality wireless network, like Verizon, for working behind the scenes to make things convenient and easy. Wireless technology has improved the way many companies in the hospitality industry serve customers, from keyless entry into hotel rooms to bar and kitchen menu access on tablets to customizable apps for early check-in requests.

Hospitality technology isn’t top of mind for most hotel guests, but for the hotel companies, investing in mobile operations management, guest services technology, and interactive applications are advantageous. These solutions can turn routine services into exceptional experiences for guests, especially in this era of mobile reliance, where guests expect an experience that’s mobile, personalized, efficient, and secure.

There’s a variety of solutions that can be implemented to create this experience, and Verizon points out the top hospitality technologies to consider:

Cloud – You can attract new guests, possibly improve customer loyalty or help your staff work more efficiently with cloud solutions. Verizon’s solutions allow you to mine data to customize guest experiences and handle peak travel demands, like during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, so you can keep that competitive edge.

Mobility – Mobile devices are changing the travel experience for many guests, especially for checking into hotels or other personalized amenities.  If your hotel staff is connected, you can provide a consistent customer service experience at every point of contact.

IoT – An acronym we’ve heard time and time again but is a useful technology to the hospitality industry. Connected machines (or, machine-to-machine) provide insights into guest preferences, to better meet and exceed guest expectations. IoT technology can also help tap into new sales opportunities, like wireless kiosks in the lobby or mobile concierge services on a customized app.

Security – At the end of the day, guests trust you with their personal information, and being able to protect it is important. Verizon’s security solutions can reach across mobile devices, connected machines, and the cloud, to shield guests from potential data breaches, identity loss, and theft.

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