GroundFloor Fellows Compete for $100K in OneUp Campaign

Show you give a check by voting in the United Way of Metropolitan Dallas’ OneUp competition.


Doing good better, the focus of Social Venture Partners Dallas, can only happen when we work together. Through increasing our awareness of the incredible work already underway in our community, we can combine our efforts, build on each other’s ideas, and effect even greater social change.

Want to infuse local social startups with cold, hard cash so they can continue changing lives in our community? Then show you give a check, without actually giving a check, by voting in the United Way of Metropolitan Dallas’ OneUp competition.

OneUp, a monthlong campaign made possible by AT&T Inc. and Deloitte, is engaging North Texans in a social movement by simply casting a vote (giving a check) for their favorite United Way GroundFloor Fellow. GroundFloor, launched in 2013, brings critical resources — funding, mentorship, and community connections — to entrepreneurs who tackle challenges in education, health, and financial stability by accelerating the growth and stability of promising and innovative ventures.


The entrepreneurs behind these ideas recognize opportunity; they figure out what isn’t working and design innovative ways to solve problems.

Meet the competitors: 2S Industries, The Akola Project, Adaptive Training Foundation, Bonton Farms, Café Momentum, Dallas Lighthouse for the Blind, Dallas Teacher Residency, EqualHeart, F.A.R.M., LiftFund, Per Scholas, Principal Impact Collaborative, Safe Night, and Society of St. Vincent de Paul,

During the campaign, the Fellows will compete for prize money totaling $100,000 by building social clout.

In addition, the Fellow with the most votes also wins a slot in the exclusive Young Presidents’ Organization (YPO)/GroundFloor Innovation Showcase in April 2017.

The “Shark Tank with a Heart” event provides an opportunity for social entrepreneurs to secure additional funding of $100,000 plus. YPO & World Presidents Organization (WPO) membership includes leading businesses ranging from several billion dollars of annual revenue to prominent non-profits.


OneUp is simple: go to, watch the videos, and cast a daily vote for your favorite GroundFloor Fellow. And, if you are a social butterfly, when you share with your friends, you get an extra opportunity to provide a check (vote). The Fellow with the most checks wins.

Each Fellow is making a substantial impact in our local community. They are all candidates you can get behind. So it will be hard choosing only one.

Luckily, you’re not limited to just one vote. In fact, voting once a day throughout the competition is encouraged. You’ll be seeing OneUp across all social channels because we want to get the word out.

Watch United Way’s Facebook page every Friday afternoon, Oct. 7-28, for a live look at the weekly prize winner.

The Grand Prize winner will be announced via Facebook Live on Nov. 1.

So check it out, and give a check, without actually giving a check.

The SVPD Spotlight Series shines a light on exceptional causes, organizations, and events in Dallas in order to increase collaboration and foster a shared vision of bright future. 

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