Get to Know Ruthie’s Rolling Café Driver and Chef Steve Machina

Ruthie's Rolling

We see them driving. We see them serving. And we see them greet us with a smile and a tasty food truck treat. But, let’s get to know a Ruthie’s Rolling Café food truck driver and chef Steve Machina a little better.

Why do you like working for Ruthie’s?

It’s a constant adventure. Typically, every week is a little different.

What’s your favorite sandwich to make?

The Turkey Trot

You love coming up with new recipes. What’s the most creative and innovative sandwich you’ve ever constructed?

I’d have to say the new sandwich we are about to release. It has chicken, smoked Gouda, baby spinach and a sun-dried tomato mayo all in a sun-dried tomato swirl bread.

We believe it is important to support local nonprofits and it is great to get customers involved with that.

Why do you think Ruthie’s customers love to support Ruthie’s?

People like to support Ruthie’s not only for the food but for our purpose. We believe it’s important to support local nonprofits, and it’s great to get customers involved with that.

What do you think about Ruthie’s Dozen? Do you have a favorite nonprofit Ruthie’s has supported? Or perhaps one that impacted you?

Ruthie’s Dozen is an excellent opportunity for us to give back to local nonprofits. If I had to pick one it would be Adaptive Training Foundation. Seeing the determination and mental toughness some of them have is something I will never forget.

What’s the longest line you’ve ever had at Ruthie’s?

It’s tough to tell sometimes being on the truck, but easily 75-100 people.

What’s the most interesting request you’ve gotten at Ruthie’s?

A plain grilled cheese — without cheese.

Who’s the most famous customer you’ve had at Ruthie’s?

We have had quite a few famous customers through the years, but I’d have to go with Roger Staubach.

What’s a common misconception folks have about food trucks?

That there’s very little overhead in the food truck business. There are many things such as commissary fees, permits, gas, truck maintenance and many more that come into play.

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