Four Ways Video Technology is Changing Humans—And How Your Brand Should Adapt

Video technology is changing the face of marketing. However, recent research shows that the shift towards video has changed humans, too. Check out these interesting ways in which online video has changed human behavior, and how you should respond.

1. Visual intelligence is increasing (at the cost of verbal intelligence)

With the rise of online video, people are becoming better attuned to processing information visually. From social causes to branded advertisements, more and more calls-to-action are in video form, while fewer are text-based. What does this mean for your brand? If you want to reach your audience in the most effective way possible, your organization should quickly make the switch to video campaigns. Capitalize on this by illustrating facts and figures in your videos with simple motion graphics.

2. All of the fastest-growing social networks are visually based now

People generally click toward what they like, and because of trends toward visual IQ, people are flocking to visually based social media networks. If your brand needs exposure, try promoting yourself through video (rather than text) on networks such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.

LoftWall, a Dallas based company, uses visuals to quickly show and not tell their story in this video.

3. Attention spans are decreasing

Recent research shows that the average attention span has decreased down to eight seconds. That’s around the time it took you to read the last two sentences. Obviously, text and static visuals can’t hold your audience’s attention as well as video. Professionally produced videos will reach through the noise and grab your audience’s attention in those first few seconds, where it counts, and keep them looking at your brand or organization far longer than a wall of text. Try including attention-grabbing visuals or engaging information in the first few seconds of your online videos and see the difference.

4. People don’t remember text without compelling visuals

Studies have shown that, on average, people remember around 20 percent of the information from a text post without visuals. What’s the point of even posting if your audience is only going to remember a fifth of what you say? With engaging video, people will retain more of your brand and your information for longer. Try taking any important long-form text post and converting it to video or motion-infographic form for better retention. Click here for an example of how to use visuals to liven up your content.

Source: DHD Films

Source: DHD Films

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