Fleet Management Can Drive Efficiency, Productivity

Technology can help ensure fleet safety while saving money, time, and resources in the logistics industry.

Fleet Mangement

Most major retailers — including Dallas-based Neiman Marcus, Coppell-based The Container Store and Plano-based J.C. Penney Co. — deliver online orders to customers every day.

But how do all of these purchases, whether overnight or three-day delivery, manage to get to their destinations on time? A major function of logistics planning involves fleet management, a set of machine-to-machine solutions specifically designed for vehicles used in the industry, to achieve business objectives.

In retail distribution, on-time delivery is made possible by real-time updates from GPS vehicle tracking and safe driver and vehicle maintenance programs, among other fleet management solutions.  

Moving goods as efficiently as possible allows businesses to deliver on their promises which satisfies customers and keeps costs to a minimum. Fleet management can be used to control key operational and overall business metrics including:

  • Labor costs: Insights discovered can help change driver habits, enhance dispatch operations, optimize travel routes, and manage vehicle/truck usage, which can minimize the driver’s time behind the wheel, reducing labor costs.
  • Fuel consumption: Although oil prices have been relatively low in Dallas recently, for businesses, fuel is costly. Smart fleet technologies can help reduce idle times and track vehicle/truck performance by monitoring speed across an entire fleet. This gauges overall fuel usage and helps identify ways to control fuel consumption to reduce costs.
  • Miles driven: Advanced GPS tracking and mapping technologies, such as Verizon’s Networkfleet management system, can help drivers find and access faster travel routes. Fewer miles mean less wear and tear on vehicles, which helps control maintenance and fuel costs. Less travel time often means safer conditions for drivers. Businesses can also gain 24/7 visibility into drivers’ behaviors using speed alerts, and receive all of this data in one detailed report.
  • Customer experience: Fleet management tools can help businesses meet and manage customer expectations with more accurate delivery times, with detailed fleet maps and user-defined landmarks. Managers and other leaders can even monitor fleet activity whether in the office or on the road from a PC, smartphone, or tablet.

Verizon works with companies, no matter the size or type, to create customized solutions to manage fleet in ways that drive efficiency and productivity. In addition, Verizon’s fleet management customers have confidence knowing that their machine-to-machine activity is running on the nation’s largest and most reliable 4G LTE network.

For more information about fleet management, check out this fleet management website by Verizon.

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