DFW Offers Great Ecosystem for Startup Families


“To win big, I need to move to Silicon Valley.” Not so, especially when pairing the startup life with family.

Living outside of the “Valley” has many benefits, including the ability to live in a space bigger than a sardine can.

Living outside of the “valley” has many benefits, including the ability to live in a space bigger than a sardine can.

Receiving loads of press in the past year, Dallas has risen to compete against Chicago, New York, and Austin as an entrepreneurial and tech hub.

Dallas offers multiple arguments as to why it is a great pick as a home base for startups with a family or those wanting to start one.

Education Opportunities  No longer is a tailor-made education only accessible to a select few. The Dallas-Forth Worth area has multitudes of educational opportunities. Some of the best private schools in the state are found right here. The vast array of public magnets and charters include everything from the renowned Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts to the new Innovation, Design, Entrepreneurship Academy (IDEA). Setting themselves apart from other competitive areas in Texas and Dallas, surrounding areas are considered to be “homeschooling friendly.” It’s easy to plan for the educational path that makes sense for each family’s needs.

Cost of Living  Entrepreneurs love the ability to choose the style of life that fits their family. For some that is the urban feel of living in Uptown; for others it is a more suburban vibe. Either of these options is offered at a fraction of what other cities would charge for the same amenities. For that reason, we see more family-oriented people taking the risk to follow their vision here.

Multiple Hubs  In a metro area as sprawling as DFW, it would be easy to feel out of the loop and not part of a single community. Over the past three years, the region has exploded with coworking spaces, meetups, and events. While there are still many startups choosing the central business district, there are an equal number choosing Fort Worth, Far North Dallas, Frisco, and, soon, Denton. We have heard rumblings of more, including, possibly, Grand Prairie.

The vibe Dallas offers its community is one that seeks to balance hustle with a whole-person perspective. 

Community  Within these startup hubs throughout the region, entrepreneurs can find like-minded people who not only share their vision for innovation and creativity, but also understand the call to be home before midnight each day. Hustle is a constant in the world, especially when building something new. The vibe Dallas offers its community is one that seeks to balance that with a whole-person perspective. We work hard and we play hard.

Increasing opportunities for startup kids  Not willing to put an age limit on innovation, the offering for kids who want to start now continues to grow. Afterschool coding clubs like Bold Idea, summer robotic camps offered by TechEdventures and Lemonade Day, which is a twist on lemonade stands that puts the old fold-out table to shame, all give kids the chance to test their limits. More than just activities to “keep the kids busy,” these organizations and so many more are striving to equip the young people of Dallas to be the thought leaders and problem solvers that are needed today and will be needed in the future.

With increased attention in the startup community to quality of life, it is easy to see that the environment in Dallas should be considered seriously as founders and their families consider that “right” place for their businesses and their homes.

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