Dallas Startup Week: Day 4 Coverage Roundup

#DSW16 runs through April 16

Dallas Startup Week began on Tuesday, and various media outlets have been writing about it. We know there’s a lot going on, and we’re here to keep you on top of it all. We’ve scoured the web, and compiled some good reading about #DSW16 online and on social media. Here’s our roundup of what you shouldn’t miss from Friday, April 15.

Dallas Innovates:
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Dallas Startup Week: Common Desk’s Not Your Everyday Office
Dallas Startup Week: Cybersecurity Stands Guard for Startups


#DSW16 What They Said

Every coworking space has its own character and some are made for certain startups. We have a wide array of entrepreneurs from the long-beard hipster to the older retired attorney.” – Nick Clark, founder of Common Desk. 

“You have to set expectations for your business and your self.” – Megan Wilkes, owner of Emporium Pies

#DSW16 Social Media


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Dallas Startup Week: Kickoff Party Rocks Above Downtown

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