Creating an Exceptional Customer Experience

“So what is the ‘so what’ of what we’re doing?” is the favorite phrase of VP of Customer Experience Dana Hyatt, Thomson Reuters Tax & Accounting in Dallas.

The answer to this question for any business today? The customer.

More specifically, an exceptional Customer Experience (CX) is what drives customers to visit and to remain with us. At the core of everything is our relationship between our employees and our customers. Our customers come to us and stay with us not only because of our human expertise, but because of our humans.

So what is the ‘so what’ of what we’re doing?

That’s why we empower our employees to mind everything they do — the products they develop, advice they provide and the support they lend — as their CX moves.

“Across departments and regions, we all have our own unique ‘CX move’ that plays to our individual strengths,” said Tax & Accounting President Brian Peccarelli. “Everything that each and every one of us does in our role is critical to building relationships with our customers and achieving our mission of making lives simpler for Tax and Accounting professionals.”

With that in mind, we’ve rebranded our customer experience program to CX Moves. This is a mindset we are ingraining in our DNA, and it’s anchored by three pillars: Employees (Customer Heroes), Teams (CX BU Teams), and Executives (Exec Connect). The “key three” is part of an innovative effort to connect and recognize everyone at every level for their customer focus—all in an effort to build a customer-centric culture. These efforts are our CX Moves.

Employees (Customer Heroes)

Customer Heroes is one of the three CX Moves pillars and allows everyone in Tax & Accounting to easily recognize those colleagues who have gone above and beyond for our customers — both internally and externally.

Teams (BU CX Teams)

Another pillar of CX Moves are the business units’ CX Teams. These cross-functional groups within the many Tax & Accounting business units coordinate and support actions for improving customer experiences to foster a culture obsessed with making interactions with our customers better.

Executives (Exec Connect)

As the third pillar of CX Moves, Tax & Accounting executives meet with both employees and customers on a quarterly basis to help better understand the customer experiences and our impact on those experiences through direct interactions.

By spending time and meeting face-to-face with our customers, executives are able to hear the customers’ perceptions of how we perform and also identify critical moments within the CX process. This allows our executives to make appropriate recommendations to our processes.

Customer Experience has become an even more critical element of our business strategy.

Likewise, through time spent with customer-facing employees and CX Teams each quarter, executives see firsthand the quality performance that our teams deliver. Additionally, executives can help develop resolutions to any customer experience pain points and internal barriers to delivery.

“With our focus and growth opportunity on customer retention and cross-sales, Customer Experience has become an even more critical element of our business strategy,” Hyatt said. “To continually meet our customers where they are, and deliver in ways they define as ‘experience’ requires each of us to be fluid, dynamic and constantly adapting.

CX Moves captures that spirit while providing the aligned platform for everyone to share their great work and inspire others.”

What initiatives have you developed to better understand your customer and improve their experience with your brand?

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