Building a Creative Workspace


Dallas and Fort Worth are two of the fastest growing cities in the country. As more companies relocate to the D-FW area and local companies grow, many employers will face the need to find more workspace.

Axxess, a leading technology company serving the home health industry nationwide, recently reached this watershed moment. Our company, launched eight years ago as a consulting firm and now an industry-leading technology provider, has experienced double-digit growth each year since its inception. When our head count passed the 100-person mark in early 2015, with no end in sight to our growth, it became evident that we needed to find a new home.

When a growing company needs more space, regardless of industry, there should be one question in the minds of its leaders: “How can the new space help employees be more successful?”

A move is a big decision in the life of a company, and should be used to reinforce its culture and direction. With this in mind, we took our time. We put a lot of thought into how our new offices might physically reflect and extend the values that make us so successful. We worked closely with E.Smith Realty Partners, Entos Design and Furniture Marketing Group (FMG) to make sure we selected and created a space that would make our employees proud.

Designed to support the creativity and productivity of all our staff, the new Axxess headquarters is bringing the future of healthcare into the present. Our experience holds lessons for growing companies of all sizes.


Use space to encourage collaboration

As a technology company serving the fast-growing home health sector, perhaps the most important element for our workspace is that it encourages easy, open communication, collaboration and “knowledge osmosis.” An open floor plan that features a variety of workstations, all equipped with smart boards, Smart TVs and 360-degree swiveling monitors, is an essential element and promotes efficient collaboration.

Work smart and have fun

I believe that balance is the key to a happy and more productive work life. As more millennials, who often value the relationships with work colleagues over salary, enter the workplace, achieving this balance becomes increasingly important. This is why we have incorporated elements of fun, relaxation, and even humor in the physical environment at Axxess.


The break area, which we call Central Park, offers our employees a comfortable getaway from their desks. Central Park is always filled with people enjoying complimentary snacks and drinks, and you can always hear a game of Ping-Pong being played.

Our tree houses bring a little bit of the Dallas outdoors to our office as well. Natural light coming in from the windows makes them the perfect place to have an indoor picnic, even when the weather outside is not accommodating.

Despite our growing head count, we have seen our work family growing closer as they use the entire space for developing relationships with coworkers.

Remember where you came from and grow from there

The physical environment of the office is also an opportunity to reinforce those exceptional elements that make a company unique, both in its history, and what’s in store for the future. At Axxess, we pride ourselves on our diversity. We have more than 27 different countries represented in our employees –- and our global outlook.

Where other technology companies struggle with diversity, we’ve built it into our culture, and it’s reflected in everything we do, including our space. In our offices, you will find people meeting in our continent-themed conference rooms and tracking our global progress on the world map in our reception area.

Always look ahead

How can office space and design contribute to a company’s future expansion in creative ways? At Axxess, given our current and anticipated rate of growth, we institutionalized expansion through our office design. Two dedicated interview rooms off the reception area offer floor-to-ceiling windows with a view of our dynamic and collaborative workspace.

But don’t just look ahead for your organization; anticipate what the industry will look like in the coming years. I believe that the future success of all organizations will hinge on collaboration, communication, and technology. Use the physical environment of the office to embrace the culture of your company and express your brand.

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