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By all accounts, Dallas-based Axxess is an innovator. The home health services company’s cloud-based technology, which streamlines health organizations’ management of payroll, scheduling, and patient record documentation among other things, has been used in visits to take care of more than 1 million patients.

The company’s point-of-care apps enable caregivers to manage their documentation on mobile phones, including iOS and Android. That flexibility means nurses visiting patients in-home can document wound care through their phone, complete with notes and photos, in real-time. This has radically changed the way home health professionals track their patients’ health.  

Axxess has made a significant impact on the health-care industry and has earned several awards for its technological advances and business growth from the Dallas Regional Chamber, Dallas Morning NewsComputerworld, and All Posts the National Association for Business Resources.


But when Axxess employees talk about innovation, they don’t just talk about apps and interfaces. They talk about the company’s collaborative culture.

“It’s an inherent part of Axxess,” Brand Manager Stefanie Olson said. “We describe it as the ‘Axxess Way.’ It boils down to our people, our clients, and our relationships.”

When Axxess employees talk about innovation, they don’t just talk about apps and interfaces. They talk about the company’s collaborative culture.

A key component of the Axxess Way is its commitment to an open physical environment to encourage discussion, idea sharing, transparency, and accessibility. All employees are on the same floor. No offices. No walls. No barriers.

For instance, CEO John Olajide’s “office” is a round table that sits near the marketing department.

“Because of his proximity, he is able to contribute to conversations, and we can ask questions of him,” Olson said.

Another cornerstone of the Axxess culture: the best idea wins, no matter if it came from the marketing intern who just started or the veteran engineer, she added.

“It doesn’t matter if you have been here a year, a month, or a day, if you have the best idea, then it’s going to be the best idea that wins,” Olson said. “Our focus is on our customers at all times, and we promote an environment where our people are encouraged to be innovative and collaborate to create products and offer services that exceed our clients’ expectations.” 


Olajide, a graduate of the University of Texas at Dallas, launched the business in 2007 as a consulting firm that specialized in the home healthcare industry. While consulting on a project for a family member, he noted that communications within the home healthcare industry were extremely inefficient. He started working on a solution and by 2008, the consulting company had transformed into a technology company with the launch of its Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) software.

Today, Axxess has clients in all 50 states and Puerto Rico and employs 230 people nationwide, with 150 of those employees in Dallas. The company moved into a 25,000-square-foot space last year to make room for continued growth.

One of the biggest challenges has been maintaining its culture amid the rapid growth, according to Olajide.

“We want to deliver excellence at all times and exceed our already high standards while continuing to grow rapidly,” Olajide said.

Axxess has managed to overcome those challenges and was recognized earlier this year as “Best of the Best” among the “Best and Brightest Companies to Work For” by The National Association for Business Resources.  And in 2015, the company was named among the Top 100 Places to Work by the Dallas Morning News.

These awards matter because they underscore the company’s belief that its employees are its most valued asset. Olajide said he believes employees are more likely to be happy and engaged in an environment that values and rewards curiosity.

“Great businesses are constantly learning, asking questions, and solving problems.” John Olajide

“Great businesses are constantly learning, asking questions, and solving problems. You must stay curious to continue to add meaningful value for your customers,” Olajide said.

But the critical component for a healthy, productive, enriching work environment is open communication.

“Transparency is a core value at Axxess. We communicate clearly and consistently with all our stakeholders, both internally and externally,” Olajide said. “It’s this communication that enables us to be successful.”

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