Joe Chiarella is sculptor of companies, products, and relationships. A serial entrepreneur, his latest launch is Patent Index.

Patent Index is not your usual patent analytics company, according to Chiarella. “It doesn’t focus on patent prosecution or litigation. Patent Index facilitates economic development for communities, business development for law firms and law firm selection for enterprises,” said Chiarella. “It also informs freedom-to-operate decisions for higher education and policy-making for governments.”

Chiarella has contributed to the IT and software industries in many capacities —  information technology, product management, and business management with responsibility for everything from product to IT to data architecture to general business operations.

During his 30+ years as a student of business, team leader, product and business strategist, consultant and mentor, Chiarella developed what he calls the “Strategic Focus Alignment” business model. Dozens of other companies, as well as his own, have leveraged the model to reach whatever next stage of growth they sought.

The first half of that time was in two large corporations, the second half was in six startups — five of which he was founder or co-founder. For some two years, Chiarella was the sole technology officer of a “startup university”. 

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