5 Thoughts You Will Have While Standing in Line for a Food Truck

Ruthie's Food Trucks
  1. That smells soooooooooo good.
    If you’ve never been to a food truck, you should prepare yourself for some of the most delicious smells you have ever experienced. Food trucks remove the distance between the kitchen and the patron you usually experience at restaurants. So you will smell anything and everything that’s cooking in the mobile food lab. It will make your grumbling stomach roar even louder. Especially if you get a whiff of Ruthie’s Rolling Cafe’s The Boss. It’s where barbecue beef meets cheddar cheese and all sorts of delightful culinary smells emerge.
  1. Play it safe, or be adventurous?
    When choosing a dish at a food truck, the word “dilemma” comes to mind. Do you go with your tried and true favorite, or do you branch out and try something new? Do you go with the simple option, or do you try something risky? Many Ruthie’s lovers never stray from their favorite gourmet grilled cheese sandwich. But that’s why new cheesy creations are developed by the Ruthie’s chefs…just to tempt folks to try new items. And keep things interesting!
  1. There are only 3 people working this thing?
    Food trucks are truly an incredibly speedy bunch of people. It may not feel that way when you’re waiting in line, but when you consider the size and the manpower in the kitchen, it is miraculous how many people they serve over the course of a day. What can we deduce from this? The people who run these food trucks are incredible, not only as chefs, but as logistical masterminds.
    No joy compares to hearing the beautiful news that your food truck masterpiece is finally ready to satiate your pangs of hunger. The anticipation between picking up food at the window and taking it to sit down and eat is one of the best parts of the food truck experience. Take a picture before you chow down — if you can stand it! The team at Ruthie’s loves to see folks share the gourmet grilled cheese on social media. And so do all the other D-FW food trucks. Aside from you thinking their creation is delicious, it’s the ultimate compliment to the chef.
  1. Praise to the master chef who created this work of art.
    Food trucks will take you by surprise. They might be tiny little kitchens on wheels, but they whip out some truly gourmet food. Even what you wouldn’t normally consider gourmet can become a masterpiece. The ingredients used and hand-crafted attitude make these culinary creations one-of-a-kind and mouthwatering delicious.                                                                                                                                                                              For a daily dose of what’s new, now, and next in Dallas-Fort Worth innovation, subscribe to our Dallas Innovates e-newsletter.

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