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Catalyze Dallas Founder Named to Board of Washington, D.C. Nonprofit Combatting Global Crime and Security Threats

Posted by Bella Pinera

The Center for Advanced Defense Studies (C4ADS) says it’s a nonprofit digital-age think tank dedicated to providing data-driven analysis and evidence-based reporting on global conflict and transnational security issues. 

Utilizing cutting-edge technology, C4ADS manages, integrates, and analyzes data from various languages, regions, and sources, and then incorporates its own field research to try and fill the gap left by the traditional public sector and profit-driven institutions, according to a statement.…

DI People: Dallas Regional Chamber, MoneyGram, COMSovereign, and More Make Moves

Posted by Alex Edwards

Across North Texas, companies are promoting and hiring people to take on leadership positions within their organizations.

Dallas Innovates covers prominent personnel moves in Dallas-Fort Worth businesses and nonprofits—from the newest startups to well-established companies. Here are the people moves tied to innovation and technology in the region.…

Success in the Genes: Launching in a Pandemic Didn’t Hurt This Fast-Growth Dallas Biotech Company

Posted by Quincy Preston

Since emerging from stealth less than a year ago, Taysha Gene Therapies has been anything but quiet.

Founded by R.A. Session II in 2019, Taysha saw an explosive start last year raising $125 million in Series A and B funding, followed by a $157 million IPO in under six months.…

Dallas-Based Zabo Is Bringing Cryptocurrency International Through a New Partnership

Posted by Alex Edwards

Zabo, a Dallas-based financial data aggregator for cryptocurrency accounts, has formed a partnership with Money Dashboard, a free personal financial management application in the UK, to allow more people to see their cryptocurrency accounts alongside their bank accounts.

Through the deal, Money Dashboard will use Zabo to give its more than 600,000 users access to their cryto balances and transaction history.…

AT&T Continues Boosting Its Communication Network for First Responders With an Executive Promotion

Posted by Alex Edwards

Dallas-headquartered telecom giant AT&T has appointed a new executive to helm its public sector and FirstNet business arm, Jason Porter.

In his new role, Porter will lead a group that includes AT&T’s government solutions and all federal, state, and local government and education customers.…

The 10X Effect: 15 Minutes with Billionaire Grant Cardone Completely Transformed My Business

Posted by Dennice Johnson

Grant Cardone is the mecca of entrepreneurs. He ranks among the greatest in business and has 10X’d the lives of some of the top entrepreneurs in the world. His events are magnetic and impactful—attracting the likes of Hollywood celebs such as Tyrese Gibson (The Fast and the Furious), GRAMMY award-winning performer Pitbull, and many other notables, along with millionaire hopefuls from around the world.

AT&T VP Talks about Trust and Transformation in Telecommunications

Posted by Quincy Preston and Sandra Engelland

“Imagine a world where no matter where you are you can get coverage, in any kind of emergency,” says Kate Hopkins, a vice president at Dallas-based AT&T.

Hopkins credits the company’s investment in advanced technology for new innovations that support the first responder community and protect the public.…

Raytheon Intelligence and Space Chief Engineer Motivated by Supporting U.S. Military

Posted by Quincy Preston and Sandra Engelland

As the chief engineer in the product area at Raytheon Intelligence & Space in McKinney, Jennifer Benson leads a distributed team spanning D.C. to California to develop lasers that can carry secure messages for satellites and aircraft.

Benson and the team working to overcome the atmospheric distortion of digital signals.

Lunch, with a Side of History, is Served

Posted by Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses

Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses is a Dallas Innovates is Silver SponsorScattered across the Dallas area are several Black small business owners who have very different businesses—but share common goals. Among those goals is bringing awareness about Black History Month by neatly tucking their extraordinary products into an ordinary shoebox—a unique lunch and learn opportunity.

Through Roles at UTSW and Pegasus Park, Claire Aldridge Leads Efforts to Make DFW a Key Center for Healthcare Innovation

Posted by Quincy Preston and Sandra Engelland

With an entrepreneurial mindset, Claire Aldridge helps move discoveries from the lab to the real world. Aldridge, who is a self-described “lifelong science geek,” says she gets to collaborate with some of the best minds in the business every day.

Aldridge, who is AVP of Commercialization and Business Development at UT Southwestern, has also doubled down on efforts to make Dallas a biotech hub.…

Here’s How a UT Dallas’ Program Is Connecting Engineering Students With Corporations to Solve Real-World Problems

Posted by Bella Pinera

Whether you’re an entrepreneur or part of a larger corporation, chances are you have more projects than you can handle. The University of Texas at Dallas has found an affordable, efficient way to address that problem, while still ensuring business professionals get the result they want.

Report Shows Dallas City of Learning’s Educational Programs Impacted 36K Students in Summer 2020

Posted by Bella Pinera

When the pandemic forced the closure of many U.S. schools in spring 2020, students and teachers were thrown into an unfamiliar virtual classroom. The transition to remote learning posed significant challenges for everyone involved as they weren’t all equipped with the proper technology, resources, and support. 

UTSW’s Children’s Medical Research Institute Discovers Why Exercise Helps Build New Bones and Improve Immune Function

Posted by Alexa Vickaryous

Scientists at Children’s Medical Research Institute at UT Southwestern have identified the niche—a specialized environment where new bone and immune cells are produced—located in bone marrow, leading to a discovery that shows movement-induced stimulation is necessary to maintain the bone and immune-forming cells it contains. 

Innovation in Action: How This Local Organization is Creating Sustainable Jobs

Posted by Capital One

The year 2020 changed how we live and work, with many consumer trends taking flight. From food delivery to streaming services, businesses pivoted to prioritize convenience and safety. Michael Thomas, Executive Director of My Possibilities, never envisioned the company his organization acquired in 2019 would soon create products that would become an essential staple for every home and community gathering spot across the country.

Dallas Invents: 134 Patents Granted for Week of Feb. 9

Posted by Quincy Preston

Dallas Fort Worth: U.S. Patents Granted in the Dallas Fort Worth region.Dallas Invents is a weekly look at U.S. patents granted with a connection to the Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington metro area. Listings include patents granted to local assignees and/or those with a North Texas inventor. Patent activity can be an indicator of future economic growth, as well as the development of emerging markets and talent attraction. 

Building a Better Tomorrow: United Way Dallas, Social Impact Firm Name 11 Nonprofits to Collaborative Cohort

Posted by Bella Pinera

United Way of Metropolitan Dallas and CoSpero Consulting, a local social impact firm, have announced the second cohort for Together for Tomorrow, a collaborative problem-solving group of service providers that aims to “reimagine how they go about creating social change.”

The cohort, designed to promote organic collaboration, is part of the United Way of Metropolitan Dallas Nonprofit Success Institute, an initiative to build capacity in local nonprofit organizations that are working to address critical problems in the areas of education, income, and health.…

This Fort Worth Couple Brews Small Business Collaborations at Trinity Coffee House—Including a Local CBD Company

Posted by Bella Pinera

Trinity Coffee House recently announced its collaboration with WelCel, a premium line of full-spectrum hemp CBD oil products based in Fort Worth, which is said to make Trinity one of DFW’s only coffee shops that offers CBD as an add-on to any coffee or tea item. 

Meet AECOM’s Dev Rastogi, the Local Exec Spearheading Infrastructure Projects That Could Redefine Transportation

Posted by Sandra Engelland

Dev Rastogi works with forward-thinking ideas.

As a vice president at AECOM, a multinational engineering firm that has a large presence in North Texas with 230 employees, Rastogi is armed with innovation, determination, and ingenuity. The Dallas executive uses her more than three decades of experience to continue laying the foundation for AECOM to be a premier infrastructure firm, leading two major infrastructure game changers—the Texas Hyperloop and Automated Bus Consortium—that could redefine transportation.…

Meet the Innovator: ‘Ultimately, Everyone Will Go to Electronic Delivery,’ Predicted Banking Disruptor Stephen Bohanon

Posted by Quincy Preston and Alex Edwards

Last year, banking disruptor Stephen Bohanon predicted that Alkami’s next yearly milestone would be 10 million contracted users and $100 million in revenue. Fast forward and the fast-growing fintech has done it: 2020 brought in nearly 10 million digital users and more than $130 million of annual recurring revenue.

14 Emerging Tech Trends for 2021—and Dallas-Area Companies That Are Innovating for the Future

Posted by Quincy Preston and Sandra Engelland

Tech is booming, big-time. We saw its strength reflected in the stock market in 2020, despite a global pandemic. In a world gone virtual, it was a lifeline for businesses and people alike.

“Seemingly overnight, COVID-19 disrupted our assumptions and forced us to become more adaptable and responsive than we had previously thought possible.…