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Neiman Marcus iLab: Next Generation of Retail Ideas, Innovations 

Posted by Scott Emmons

The importance of innovation in retail has received a lot of attention lately. The industry’s accelerating pace of change and continual introduction of new technologies mean that retailers now have to constantly evaluate how they will invent and deliver new …

Real-World Schooling

Posted by Lynn McBee

When I attended high school, I learned reading, writing, and arithmetic, with a few practical classes thrown in for good measure. I was a lover of science and nature and curious about everything, but there was no outlet for me …

Universities Inc.

Posted by Neal Smatresk

In August, opening a University of North Texas teaching location in Frisco was an idea.

We looked at Collin County, with its thriving population, its diverse industry, and its strong concentration of corporate headquarters, and thought, “There is a need …

Product Review: Vinli

Posted by Matthew Shelley

So this is Vinli, a small, aptly sci-fi-looking little Lord Vader head that is supposed to turn my car into a vessel of wifi wizardry and connect my transportation center to the rest of my tech life.

This may

CES 2016 Roundup: Dallas-Fort Worth Companies Showcase Innovations

Posted by Patrick Kobler

Dallas-Fort Worth’s growing hub of innovation was well represented at CES 2016, the world’s largest consumer electronics show. Tech-giants like AT&T and Texas Instruments made big announcements, while many of the city’s emerging startups used the tech industry’s ultimate stage …

Ruthie’s Food Trucks: The Most Innovative Spins on Grilled Cheese

Posted by Ruthie's Rolling Cafe

Bread. Butter. Cheese. These three simple ingredients lend themselves to a treasured American meal. Not to mention the nostalgia.

Ruthie’s Food Trucks has several food trucks in Dallas-Fort Worth that focus on the culinary odyssey of gourmet grilled cheese.

First …

Loans That Build Community

Posted by Gilbert Gerst

You might think that innovation in real estate is limited to energy efficiency, faster elevators, and better amenities. But for The Real Estate Council (TREC), which just celebrated 25 years of leading North Texas’ commercial real estate industry, innovation …

The Power of Convening Spurs Innovation

Posted by Joe D. May

I often have been puzzled about why some communities appear to be more innovative than others. I thought that maybe they were lucky, had won the genetic lottery, and therefore, had better talent than other communities. I also thought perhaps …

If You Can Dream It, You Can Make It at the Dallas Makerspace

Posted by Dan Koller

In the near future, you may be standing in a bakery or grocery store and watching a cake being decorated to your specifications. But nobody will be touching the cake; it will be decorated autonomously by a machine Travis Zinger …

Turning a Block Into a Center of Creativity

Posted by Emily Heft

Deep in downtown Dallas, Encore Park is silent.

508 Park, a white marble building with black and gold accents, looms on the street’s edge, with shut windows and padlocked doors. Outside, 508 Amphitheater, with a polished-wood arc ceiling and a …

Will Computers Replace Programmers?

Posted by Romelia Flores

It is February 14, 2011, and I’m at the Dallas Magnolia Theater with clients anxiously watching IBM’s Watson computer playing Jeopardy against the game’s all-time leading human champions. The audience is filled with amazement and skepticism. We’re all wondering, “Will …

Bringing the City Together Through Innovation: A Conversation With Klyde Warren Park’s Tara Green

Posted by Jackie Sherman

Tara Green has served as president of Klyde Warren Park since June of 2013. Now, almost three years into her tenure, she shares some insights into what she has learned and what is next for the 5-acre greenspace that was …

Better Block Gets Big Boost for Its Community-Building Efforts

Posted by Dan Koller

The Better Block concept just keeps getting better and better.

The Better Block Project, an artistic experiment intended to improve one neighborhood in the Oak Cliff section of Dallas, begat Team Better Block, a consulting business replicating that experience in …

Bringing the World to Classrooms in DFW (and Beyond)

Posted by Sabari Raja

There is a problem facing the tech world: not enough students are making their way into science, engineering, and tech fields. More alarming is the dearth of minority students and girls who don’t see themselves fitting into these high-skill careers. …

Mind Glass: Taking a Look at the Winners of Verizon’s 2015 Innovative App Challenge

Posted by Verizon

It’s telling from the education headlines today that stagnant interest and proficiency in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) amongst U.S. students is a major problem. According to the National Math + Science Initiative, STEM jobs are expected to …

Journeys to Exit: Calvin Carter Brings Bottle Rocket to Apple’s New Moon

Posted by Patrick Kobler

 In meetings and interviews with Dallas startup community, a common theme has emerged: the desire for more coverage around startups and growth stage companies that have landed “big exits”—sales, mergers, and acquisitions. We’ve answered that call and will be telling

Taking Voice of the Customer to the Next Level: Thomson Reuters Debuts the Hack-a-Shop

Posted by Carrie Stout

Five days.
One customer.
Eleven “hackers.”
Thirty working sessions.

The Dallas office of Thomson Reuters unveiled its newest concept designed to support customer-driven innovation: the Hack-a-shop. Companies win the battleground of innovation by uncovering meaningful insights about their customers and …

Unusual Leavening: A Cedars Kitchen That Never Sleeps

Posted by Eve Hill-Agnus

Someone walking south on Lamar Street past the South Side on Lamar building and Dallas police department headquarters looking for a bite to eat might turn around before they reached the door in the low-slung, nondescript façade with its succession …

We’re Hiring!

Posted by Krista Nightengale

Associate Editor

Are you in love with words as much as you are with starting new projects? Then we need your vision. Main responsibilities will include managing a daily newsletter, reporting articles, maintaining an events calendar, and editing submitted content. …

Giving Back: A Fashionable Cause in DFW’s Startup Scene

Posted by Patrick Kobler

Giving back is en vogue for fashion and lifestyle startups in Dallas-Fort Worth. Both new and more established companies are devoting a portion of their growing businesses to helping their communities, partnering with national charities, and impacting the lives of …