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Local Churches Build Community Through Coffee

Posted by Tara Nieuwesteeg

The power of a coffeehouse cannot be underestimated. There’s something connective about a low-key, chilled-out place where people come to work, read, utilize free Wi-Fi, and of course, sip a hot brew.

“Once upon a time, when someone moved into …

The Role of Universities in the Innovation Ecosystem

Posted by Jeremy Vickers

Universities have played a significant and historical role in the development of new industries, creation of new jobs, commercialization of technology, and training of business leaders leading to innovation hubs across the U.S. Over the past 10 years, the state …

2015 Data Breach Investigations Report—Retail

Posted by Verizon

Almost 90 percent of security incidents in the retail sector involved denial of service attacks, crimeware, or point-of-sale intrusions. Attackers were often able to compromise systems and walk away with data in days or less. But in over 50 percent …

Dallas Natives Bring Parking Into the 21st Century Through ParkHub

Posted by Patrick Kobler

When George Baker was 12 years old, he began his career in the parking industry by sweeping lots for his family’s business, Parking Companies of America. Two decades later, the Highland Park High School graduate is sweeping traditional parking operations …

Entrepreneurship: Yes, There’s a Class for That

Posted by Jeremy Vickers

Big names tied to innovation—Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg—did it their way in a garage, or a dorm room, or around a conference table typically used for poker.

So does this mean innovators are born, not made?

Most entrepreneurship

Dallas: The Impact City

Posted by Salah Boukadoum

In the 1990s, when an entrepreneur came up with a new technology, it was common to head to Silicon Valley to raise capital, hire a team, build a connected board, and develop industry relationships — all the resources were concentrated …

The Secret Behind Community Development

Posted by Larry James

People power innovation. Without a doubt this concept—or, better, this commitment—is the most important truth I have learned in the past 21 years. People possess the power, the capacity, and the desire to solve their own problems if they are …

Got a Question About the Invention Process? Is Here for You

Posted by Dan Koller

Because Barbara Russell Pitts and Mary Russell Sarao invented Ghostline, a poster board with faint grid lines that guide the user but seem to disappear at a distance, thousands of students and their parents have had an easier time crafting …

What’s Old Is New Again

Posted by Amanda Talbot

Nostalgia, distraction, therapy, unplugging—these are just a few of the reasons for the new craze of adult coloring books that’s hitting the book and craft stores. Amazon’s list of bestseller books for 2015 includes 14 coloring books. There are stacks …

Launching a Startup Takes a Village

Posted by Lauren Hasson

Launching a startup in Dallas has never been easier than it is now. I should know—nine years ago, I founded my first company here in Dallas, and it was anything but easy. There were very few resources for startups, and …